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Winter Skincare Favorites


It has been a while since I updated you all on my latest skincare routine and thought I’d finally catch you up to speed, especially since winter is here (at least back home!)

We change climates and travel constantly and as a result, my skin gets ashy, dry and irritated. I tried everything. But nothing would keep my skin from getting dry and treat my acne-prone skin. That was until I revisited OROGOLD, which I started using in the spring. I looked at reviews and added some new products into my routine and WOW – what a difference it has made with my skin! Because let’s be honest, Snapchat doesn’t lie!


peelerOROGOLD 24k Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling

I have been using this product for over 9 months now and literally can not get enough. This is the one product that you can not find anything that even compares to it. It applies on as a gel and gently exfoliates without anything abrasive – it is amazing! As you apply what you think is a gel, you start to get see the dead skin gently buff off. As someone who has struggled with breakouts, this stuff is the only thing that can un-clog my pores. Bonus, a little bit goes a long way. I also love using this on my neck (it’s amazing how much your neck gets ignored and it really gets all the dead and dull skin off). They recently refreshed the formula but it still gives me the same great results with a more soft, floral-like smell.


OROGOLD White Gold 24k Purifying Toner

Unlike many toners that can be really harsh and sting, this one is refreshing and is very pleasant. First off, I love that it sprays on rather than having to use a cotton ball for application. It is great for traveling and is great to give a refresher at any point in the day. True story, I ran out of makeup fix spray and used this instead and it helped blend my makeup perfectly (even though that is obviously not the intended purpose). The toner has chamomile, cucumber extract, aloe vera and gold so it smells incredible. This is by far my favorite toner I have ever used.

When my skin is feeling dull, I love using the Deep Peeling and following up with this toner, followed by the Deep Day Moisturizer, it instantly gives my skin a glow.


OROGOLD White Gold 24k Mousse Cleanser

This face cleanser is great because it feels light, cleanses thoroughly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily at all (while not drying it out either). I use this every night after I take my makeup off to really clean deep without clogging my pores – has anyone else had “cleansers” that do that?! It really gets every speck of makeup off and leaves my skin feeling smooth. I’ve also noticed when I use it in the morning (especially in tropical climates when I’m on vacation) it keeps my skin from getting oily. It contains Argan oil, organic chamomile, shea butter and gold so it feels very luxurious.


OROGOLD 24k Deep Day Moisturizer

This is the bottle I reached to when my face (namely around my nose and mouth) started flaking off after getting a cold recently. Especially in the winter, my skin can get ashy and unbelievably dry. This is even more so now that we change climates so often living life on the road.

The 24k Deep Day Moisturizer dramatically helps my chronically dry skin that I get in the winter months. I apply it on everywhere except my forehead (where I am prone to oil) and let it absorb for 15 minutes prior to putting on my makeup. Most skincare brands I’ve tried in the past include an abrasive scrub, a very strong toner and a light lotion, which results in my skin being very agitated and even flaking off (yikes!). Not with OROGOLD!


OROGOLD White Gold 24K Classic Hand & Body Cream

If you are looking for a great value, this hand cream makes a great stocking stuffer or gift. I keep always keep this in my bag now because it smells amazing and absorbs almost instantly and doesn’t leave my hands greasy (which is super important because I’m always typing or on my phone!). It has all my favorite ingredients that OROGOLD uses, including: organic chamomile, Aragan oil, palm oil, aloe vera, vitamin E and botanical extracts. It has such a feminine and soft smell.


OROGOLD White Gold 24K Classic Body Butter

This is my favorite lotion to use on my legs, stomach and hips – no matter what time of the year. Obviously, there is the subtle and feminine smell that I love. But it really cures my chronically ashy and dry legs in an instant and absorbs really fast. It has become just a habit to use it first thing when I get out of the shower to avoid dry skin for days.

img_0048 img_0092

What’s your favorite winter skincare product? Have any of you tried OROGOLD products before?

As always, thank you for reading and a big thanks to OROGOLD for sponsoring this post that is supported by Shopping Links.

My Winter Skincare Favorites:

OROGOLD 24k Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling

OROGOLD White Gold 24k Purifying Toner

OROGOLD White Gold 24k Mousse Cleanser

OROGOLD White Gold 24K Classic Body Butter

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