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What You Need To Never Have To Check A Bag Again

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Call me crazy, but unlike so many bloggers that bring multiple suitcases, packed to the brim, seemingly everywhere they go. I’m simply not. I absolutely hate paying to check a bag and would rather use that $110 round trip to have an amazing experience wherever I am going. I also love the challenge.

So thanks to many years of perfection my system, I always travel with just a carry on. I also like the fact that there is no risk of my bag (and therefore things inside it) to get lost.

I recently updated my luggage (because my old ones were really worn out) and I absolutely love it. There are two things you need to make sure you never have to check a bag again:

  1. A carry on suitcase. Preferably hard case, distinctive (so it can’t get lost), with four wheels that spin 360 degrees and with space-saving compartments on the inside. After a lot of looking around, I decided on this rose gold Kenneth Cole 20″ Tribeca style from Zappos and I LOVE it. Zach even got the black version. It even has a code on the side so your contents are locked and safe.
  2. A very large carry-all tote in a neutral color. This bag should be basically as large as a “purse” can be without TSA raising any eyebrows. I fell in love with this Ralph Lauren ‘Carrington’ Tote. First off, it has structure (always my first must-have for both looks and function). Secondly, it is a really great quality bag without the designer price tag. Finally, it has a divider and great compartments so I can stay organized on the go. I can easily fit my laptop, large DSLR camera, additional lenses, makeup, planner, all of my charging cords and my accessories in this bag. Which is how I like to pack.

I have a post coming up that breaks down exactly how I can fit (and style) pieces that fit into this carry on into weeks worth of outfits. Plus, it saves you a huge headache at the airport of waiting around for your luggage to show up. It’s lovely that we simply get off the plane and get started on whatever adventure we are traveling for. Also, probably not applicable to most of you, but we have a small BMW Z4 convertible and two of these Kenneth Cole suitcases side-by-side fit perfectly in our trunk, which is a huge win for us.

And I always love Zappos because they get whatever I order to me for free and quick.

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100% Capsule Closet Look

Capsule Closet Pieces Used:

Coated Pants

Chunky Knit Sweater

Chambray Shirt

Black Skinny Jeans


Black Flats

Black tote

Black Sunglasses

Black Watch