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What To Do in NYC When You Only Have a New York Minute


We just got back from 72 hours in New York City and I have to say, I was quite intimidated going there knowing we had less than 3 days to take a bite out of the Big Apple.

After using followers recommendations, Yelp and a bit of our own intuition, we left NYC feeling satisfied that we had seen all of our must-haves along with some unexpected experiences along the way.

Because our trip was very last minute, we actually stayed in Brooklyn. I would recommend staying in Manhattan if you can because the blisters we were awarded from walking back and fourth were serious. But that was a small price to pay for the whirlwind of a trip we had.


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We arrived later in the day on Tuesday and were able to take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge after visiting Dumbo. Dumbo is a neighborhood in Brooklyn where you see this iconic picture spot. This was incredible and a great way to get a feel for Brooklyn. One of our favorite moments was actually a relaxed one. Finding a little gem of a coffee shop, getting iced lattes to go and walking along all of the Brownstones.


<< Wearing an Old Navy T-shirt ($7), J.Brand Jeans, Miu Miu Sunglasses and a Ted Baker Bag and these $29 sneakers >>

Try to go for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at a non-peak time (i.e. not commuting times) because otherwise you will be flighting an absurd amount of selfie sticks along the way.

As you can see, I finally caved and bought my first pair of sneaks and jumped on the athleisure trend. Now I see why it is so popular!


<< The picture above is at Oculous at Ground 0 >>

We were there days after September 11th and with Zach being a Marine, it was very important for us to see ground 0. I instantly wept at the sight of the white roses, on top of each name of a victims who birthday would have been that day. In one side alone, there was at least 5. It was beyond moving and it made me instantly grateful for everyone I have in my life.


To be honest, we were so exhausted and hungry at this point, we walked back to Brooklyn and ordered food to be delivered to our room. We ordered Dao Palate (an all vegan thai fusion food stop in Brooklyn) and it was good! The vegan cheesecake was amazing and so was the almond and kale soy protein.


After this and resting our feet for a bit, we walked down to the Brooklyn Pier to get an amazing view of Manhattan at sunset. Also highly recommended (and free!) As a bonus, you get to walk past the cutest brownstones on the way there.


The next morning we woke up on a mission, to find these vegan donuts I kept reading about online. Dun-Well Donuts has two locations, one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan (which is where we went). It was a long walk but well worth it.

Dun-Well Donuts is kind of famous because the owners won Donut Wars on The Food Network. They are known for their 200 rotating flavors of all vegan donuts that are absolutely incredible. Zach loved the PB&J flavor while I loved both the almondine and the almond joy. They are pillowy and perfect and a bit sweet, which pairs perfectly with an iced latte.

True story, the owner himself was opening the day we stopped in. We overheard him talking to an employee saying “I want to open and close every once in a while to get a true understanding of the job description.” He proceeded to give all of the tips to the employee that he had made that morning. So not only are these amazing donuts, but truly amazing people who run it.


After getting our sugar and caffeine fix, we walked down Broadway and saw the Flatiron Building, Times Square and met up with an old college friend. After that, we went to The Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller tower (as pictured above). This is the one touristy thing I really wanted to do and it was so worth it. It was $32 per person, but the building itself is so beautiful and the view is one of the best in the world (in my opinion). They have three separate decks when you finally reach the top.


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We saw where The Today Show is filmed (in Rockefeller Plaza) and were in search of a nice lunch. A follower actually recommended that we go to Limani, right at Rockefeller Center. It is an upscale Greek restaurant that is health-focused and so good.

I would highly encourage you to get lunch here because it was only $29 per person for an appetizer, entree and dessert. I got the Avocado salad (shown above), organic salmon and fresh fruit and it was delicious and the service was superior. Dinner here could easily be $100 per person, so lunch is a clear value. Plus, you can’t beat the location.

After this, I attended the Liviara Fashion Show with Elizabeth from a Keene Sense of Style. It was such an inspired show with such incredible lingerie pieces. A huge shout out to the team for bringing me to New York City for this incredible experience. Plus, the designer is a fellow Midwest gal!

If you have a night open, I would recommend having a picnic in Central Park.

We had just a little bit of time in the morning before we had to head to JFK, so we followed rave reviews to a little breakfast spot called Baba Cool in Brooklyn. They are known for their spices, so naturally their avocado toast and chai lattes were on point.

If you are a New Yorker – or just a seasoned traveler – I’d love to hear what I should do next time I visit NYC!

As always, thank you for reading.