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Wedding Workout Routine Revealed!

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I know I’ve been promising this for the longest time, but with the chaos of moving and a wedding, it kept getting pushed back. But without any further ado, I’m sharing my wedding workout routine with you today (that doesn’t require a gym), as well as my secrets to fitness success.

There are three things you need, in my opinion, in order to be successful in your fitness goals:

  1. Someone or something to keep your goals in check. This can be a workout buddy, a dog that makes you walk them every day or a date (such as a wedding, a class reunion, etc.) to keep you accountable. In my case, I had all three with Zach, Sterling and our wedding on August 11th.
  2. A playlist that actually makes you want to work out. Curate a playlist of music that you love, that is very upbeat and has songs that you only allow yourself to listen to at the gym. This way, when your jam comes on at the gym, you are 100% ready to give the workout everything you have.
  3. Cute workout clothes. I know that might seem cliché, but when you look good, you feel good. A killer workout outfit can put you in the mindset and give you the confidence you need to meet your goals. I found pieces that could function double duty. Whether I was at the gym or walking around Downtown Seattle, key pieces were chic enough to do both—like these lucy indiGO pants I’m wearing! They looked like on-trend coated pants but felt and performed like workout wear— that’s a serious win!


Now, onto my workout strategy.

Consistency conquers all, I am convinced. 25 minutes every day will give you much better results than grueling 2-hour workouts a few times a week. Plus, in your head, 20-ish minutes is so doable. No matter who you are, you can commit to 20 minutes 5 or 6 times a week to make you feel and look your best.

Next, take away excuses and make working out a routine. Create a checklist of your workouts for the week, don’t let yourself go to bed unless you’ve put in your 20+ minutes of working out or make it mindless and go at the same time every single day. I would go at 7:30 every night. After a week or two, I began to think of it as my me-time and something that was a privilege rather than a pain.

Don’t diet, just aim to make progress day after day. I never deprived myself of anything. But starting about 4 months before my wedding, I aimed to be healthier than I was the day before. For me, this meant taking the stairs, swapping out a donut for a morning smoothie or going for a walk each night rather than binge-watching TV. By the end of 4 months, healthy became habit and I’d lost all cravings for unhealthy food.

Finally, already be in your workout clothes. I know this might sound stupid, but it is another step in taking away excuses. If I was planning on doing a morning workout, I would already be in my lucy indiGO Run Tight pants, ready to go. They are made of premium stretch fabric—so squats are NBD—and they dry and breathe beautifully. In the back, they have a pocket perfect for your keys, which Zach loved, so I couldn’t lose them. Plus, these pants look super stylish, so I would wear them with ankle booties and a sweater, and then when it came to be 7:30, I would just swap the sweater for a sports bra. I love this T-shirt because it shows the littlest sliver of stomach, which is somehow very motivating on ab day.

IMG_6254 IMG_6258

Many of you asked what my “diet” was. I had been a vegan for 5 years, but about 4 months before my wedding, I felt tired and for the first time in half a decade, I felt like I couldn’t get what I needed from my vegan diet because of how often I was working out. So I kept my vegan diet the same 90% of the time, but added small quantities of fresh, healthful fish (like salmon, tuna and shrimp) into my diet. Still no meat, no dairy, but a little seafood helped my skin glow and gave me protein I couldn’t seem to get out of my diet. I kept to this and felt like it was SO easy to gain muscle tone and stay slim. Plus, I missed shrimp so badly.


As for my workouts themselves, this is what I did:

  1. I stuck to a mix of barre, Pilates and kickboxing techniques, and utilized my own body weight and ankle weights. This gave me the lean and defined muscles I wanted. I did at least 20 minutes of mat work a day. I would do 1 upper-body day, one lower-body day and two full-body workouts a day and 1 strictly cardio day. I got great results shortening my workouts but making them more intense.
  2. About cardio: I would go on a long run outside once a week and run intervals, rather than running 1.5 miles every time I went to the gym (which is what I was doing before). This worked wonders and shortened all of my workouts considerably.
  3. Every single workout I started by doing 25 squats with a 30-pound dumbbell, and I would raise it above my head (to work out my arms) as I stood up from each squat. I would end each workout the same way.
  4. I took out my inner-thigh workouts (because no one would see that in a wedding dress!) and reallocated that time to my arms and back. I’ve never worked out my upper body so much in my entire life. I mainly focused on arms, triceps, back, abs and glutes.

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If you all want me to break down the exact workout moves I used, comment below and let me know which workout you would want to see first (arms, upper body, abs, glutes, etc.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.56.01 PM

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As always, thank you for reading.

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  1. Emily Maric Wrote:

    Thanks for sharing your workout tips. I totally agree with you that it is harder trying to build muscle, while being vegan. I myself don’t eat animal products except for sea food once in a while, like you. I guess it’s not good to restrict yourself from certain foods especially if the body is craving it. SO don’t feel too bad if you do have salmon and shrimp once in a while. You look absolutely gorgeous and so fit!!!
    Hope you have a great day!!! xo, Emily

    • Brenna Wrote:

      Aw thank you so much! Everyone just needs to listen to their own body. It’s been working very well for me.


  2. Liv Wrote:

    Thanks for the tips.


    • Brenna Wrote:

      So glad you liked them!


  3. Dena Wrote:

    Thank you for these workout details. I am curious though…we are going to italy in a month and nervous about how to eat. I am Sicilian, love pasta and all things Italian, however due to some health issues I have had to cut outout dairy and have gluten once in a while. Any tips for me how you ate while you studied there?…as I will long for a Gelato. I may need to sneak one.

    • Brenna Wrote:

      Thanks for stopping by! I ate gluetn, but no dairy, meat or fish. There is dairy-free gelato places in nearly every large city that you can find through a google search. I kept it to margarita pizzas (no cheese), red-sauce pasta and plenty of bean dishes and soups (I was in Florence and canelli beans are huge there). Have fun on your travels!


  4. Dena Wrote:

    Thank you for the workout details. It is exactly the push I needed. I am curious though…about food. We are traveling to Italy in about a month. I am Sicilian and love pasta and everything Italian, however due to health issues I have had to cut out dairy, sugar, processed and only eat gluten once in a while. With your similar diet what tips do you have for eating in Italy. I know I will have to cheat and have some gelato! How did you eat while studying there?

    • Dena Wrote:

      Sorry for the :/

  5. Dena Wrote:

    Hi Brenna

    Thank you this is exactly the boost I needed to change up my workout routine. Regarding diet I have similar foods that I cut out of my diet due to health issue. Can you share how you ate while studying in Italy? We leave in a month for a holiday there….my hubby and 2 teens…and I am a bit nervous how I will be able to stick to cutting out sugar, dairy and the such. Tip?

    • Brenna Wrote:

      Hi Dena,

      That is so exciting and I’m so glad to hear this helped you! I was full-on vegan at the time (I now keep a vegan diet but include fish, so technically I’m a dairy-free pescetarian). I ate Margarita pizza (many make it without cheese already and it is so good), red sauce pasta, bean soups (Florence has a lot of that) and there are plenty of vegetarian and special dietary needs places popping up in big cities! They have dairy-free gelato if you do your research ahead of time as well. That is the biggest thing.