Charleston, SC

Transitioning To Southern Living

I’ve learned a few things about the South since our hunt for land started nearly a year ago. Even though we’re not landowners quite yet (our earnest money is in and our official closing date is March 10th!), we thought it was important to spend an extended amount of time here before the deal is done. We were here for “Snowmageddon 2018,” and I realized FAST that the South does not deal with snow. Everything shuts down for about a week, the supermarket are wiped clean of all bread and water (I always wondered why that’s a thing… even in the snow, living off a prison diet doesn’t seem ideal).

It’s no exaggeration to say that the lovely people of the South hate winter. Their winter is incredibly different from the ones I’m used to back in Minnesota. But… truth be told, I love it! It’s the perfect weather, the kind everyone in the Midwest loves but only gets for about 3 weeks of the year. 60s and sunny, perfect for layering and you can show your legs without getting a case of hypothermia.

Now, on the other hand, I’m not looking forward to the South Carolina summers one bit. My newfound Charleston hairstylist asked if I have experienced an SC summer yet, and I hesitantly replied, “No….” Without skipping a beat, she matter-of-factly declared, “Oh yes, you will need a Brazilian.” Apparently my hair will instantly turn to frizz come June… fantastic. Anyone have any experience with this? I’d love to hear!

Now, back to that ideal dressing weather and the outfit below. These pieces are all staples in my capsule closet and they are perfect for the warmer winter days in the South. This look mixes all of my tried-and-true classics, but in a bit of an edgy and stylized way. If you’re in a cooler climate (I’ll be jealous of you in the summer), you could swap out the faux leather shorts for coated black denim.

Some aspects of adjusting to the South may be tricky for this Midwestern girl, but I’m looking forward to all the experiences and outfits to come.


Wearing an Everly ring stack: 2 carat Reese (yellow), 2 carat Reese (white), 2 Carat Etta (yellow) and 2 Carat Reese (white)

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This is a 100% capsule closet look

Capsule Closet Pieces Used:

Trench Coat

Blue Striped Blouse

Faux Leather Shorts

Black Flats

Black Belt

Black Bag

Black Sunglasses

Mixed Metal Watch