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Summertime Travels + Skin Care

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Living life on the go and traveling full time is existing to say the least, but the lack of consistency can be hard, especially on my already trouble-prone skin. I have went from dramatically cold to very hot in humid (now that we are exploring the entire Florida coastline) and what I’ve come to learn is that what works in a dry and cold climate will not work in a place like Florida. With the new terrain comes a whole set of new skin problems (like oily T-zone, clogged pores from sunscreen and more).

When I came across Apothederm, a Seattle-based dermatology biotech company – I knew I needed to try it. Not only are they from my oh-so familiar city of Seattle but they take a scientific approach to skin. With how frustrated I have been with little bumps on my skin that seem to never go away, science seemed like a logical solution and I was more than willing to give it a try.

 I was sick of throwing a bunch of chemicals on my skin (that I know are not good for me) and simply didn’t work. They have a formula composed of natural ingredients and is paraben-free. I also didn’t want to fall in love with a skincare line that was over-the-moon expensive but I know I needed to go higher-quality, because drugstore skin care was getting me no where.

I told the team about my skin issues and they recommended their acne clarifying collection. I tried the Brightening Cleanser ($30), the Clarifying Toner ($30) and the Acne Clarifying Treatment ($35).

I am obsessed with this cleanser. It smells so good and is effective, yet super gentle (and doesn’t have that horrible chemical smell). It is a gel-like cleanser, so I make sure to wash it off my face twice, to ensure all of it is off.

Next is the Clarifying Toner. I love how mellow it is and it doesn’t sting like many that I have tried.

Finally, after all of the toner has worked it’s way into my skin and my face is dry, before bed, I apply the Acne Clarifying Treatment to fight stubborn bumps overnight.

I will make sure to update this post in about a month to share how it continues to work.

Have amy of you tried Apothederm before? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

As always, thank you for reading.

My Apothederm Skincare Routine (for acne-prone skin)

1. Brightening Cleanser

2. Clarifying Toner

3. Acne Clarifying Treatment

  1. Rochelle Wrote:

    Love this skincare!!! Did you happen to know if the romper is still available somewhere?

    • Brenna Wrote:

      Thank you! This romper is from the winter collection and isn’t available, but it is Morrisday The Label – they make gorgeous things!