Staycation in Seattle

IMG_1089Last weekend, Zach and I decided to take a little “staycation” at the Grand Hyatt Seattle for a night. Taking a break from wedding planning for a night was exactly what we needed. With a lot of money going towards the wedding, taking a true vacation can be out of the picture. Sometimes it is worth it to just become a tourist in your own city – that’s exactly what we did. It’s amazing how a half a mile made such a big difference and still felt like we were getting away

We started our stay with the most amazing couples massage at the Elaia Spa. I do not “turn off” easily. I’m always bombarding myself with to-do lists and for me, I have trouble turning my back on work. In the past, massages and spas aren’t even relaxing because it has felt uncomfortable or the atmosphere isn’t right. (Does this happen to anyone else?!) This was truly the best massage I’ve ever had in my entire life.


We got back to our hotel after the spa treatments and the sweet staff at the Hyatt had a wine and cheese platter waiting for Zach and I. This works our great because Zach doesn’t drink and I don’t eat dairy. It’s a true win-win.IMG_1080

Did I mention we were on the 27th floor?! Our room overlooked Puget Sound and it was stunning.IMG_1082

Naturally we went to find the pool A.S.A.P. We got our workout in for the day by swimming some laps. Zach kicked my butt swimming (being a Marine and all). The pool is located right by the spa, so it’s a great way to spend a day unwinding and recharging.IMG_1039This also gave me a chance to break in my new Triangl bikini.IMG_1046 IMG_1030 IMG_1018

We had dinner at Urbane, which we had walked by so many times and said, “that looks like a cool spot,” but never stopped in. I downed a glass (or two) of fabulous rose and had the most incredible vegan pesto pasta (in a very generous serving size). Highly recommended!urbane

As we walked home from our little stint at the Grand Hyatt, we reminisced on funny and happy memories of when we first dated. Thank you so much to the Hyatt for having us!

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As always, thank you for reading.