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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

How To Re-Wear Your NYE Dress For Valentine’s Day

Got a date tonight? Are you a procrastinator? You are not alone. I always put off planning what I am going to wear for special events or holidays until day of – or rather hours before. But that’s ok because years of having to make do with what’s in my closet has taught me how to mix and match my closet and re-wear dresses and pieces that would otherwise go unworn again.

For example, we all have that sparkly little mini from a New Years Eve party. Odds are you just got one a few months ago.

Oh the dreaded Valentine’s Day outfit. For me, I grew up in Minnesota where is it always freezing-your-***-off cold. Not exactly inspiring for a cute date look come February 14th. Everything I would find on Pinterest would be skirts or dresses – and that was not happening in 6 inches of snow – so I decided to round up my own.

Below you will find 4 categories. Casual, Polished, Warm Weather and Dressy. Find the category that is most applicable to you and be inspired!

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Basic Black

As much as I love layers and boots, I am so ready for spring style. Easy loafers, a slightly easier-going nature and pastels (sigh). Right now I’m getting as close as I can without freezing in these basic black pieces.

I’ve just been seriously on the go lately and working super late hours lately (because balancing the blog, rapidly growing Everly and finishing my E-book is no joke!). It’s been a constant rotation of T-shirts, jeans and my favorite blouses. I’m finally getting back into the my normal swing of things blogging wise and I’d love to hear what you guys want to see!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Red + Blush

It has been an interesting transition from working a corporate job right out of college to being self-employed by running online businesses. I feel a responsibility to look polished and put together, without the need of looking traditionally professional. My answer lately has been this look. A T-shirt or lace cami, a boyfriend blazer, great fitting denim and some pretty pumps. I swear I have been wearing this same outfit formula a minimum of three days a week, just with different colors or pieces.

Wearing an Everly Ring Stack (from left to right): The Leighton Dome Band (rose/champagne),