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Charleston, SC

Sweater + Shorts

If you’ve been following me since my college days, you already know that one of my all-time favorite combinations to wear (mainly in the spring and fall) is a sweater and shorts. There’s something about this pairing that is just so effortless and makes you feel stylish in an organic way, like you just threw it on. Here is your formula:


For an edgy look, take my lead and opt for faux leather shorts. They add a sleek and slightly unexpected touch to an outfit,

Charleston, SC

Tell All: My Non-Surgical Nose Job

Wow… Part of me cannot believe that I’m actually sharing these photos. But another part of me, the part that won out, realized that it was posts just like this one that made me decide to try this procedure, and I hope that it can help some of you make the same decision for yourselves.

Let me back up here: I have been contemplating a real-deal surgical rhinoplasty since my teens. I have never liked my nose or felt even remotely comfortable with it. This insecurity was only amplified by being online and having my picture taken every single day.

Savannah, Georgia

Rainy Day

With my on-the-road lifestyle, I try to be well-equipped for any and all climates. Sweltering heat, insane blizzards, cool mornings followed by warm afternoons — you name it. That being said, I can’t quite say that I’m used to “winter rain” yet. As a former Minnesotan who survived many a brutal winter, this concept is just so foreign to me (side note: I did get to experience my first actual Southern snow in Charleston — just a few flakes but you would have thought the world was ending!).

Rain can be a little tricky to dress for,

Capsule Closet Series

Warm-Weather Vacation: 1 Carry On – 30 Outifts

I may be a little nutty, maybe a little cheap, but I downright refuse to pay for checked luggage when I travel. Flying with just a carry-on bag does limit how much I can bring, but I actually like the challenge of seeing how many outfits I can create with what is in my carry-on.

We went to Belize a couple months ago, so I thought this would be the perfect time for a carry-on capsule closet post. I know many of you head to warmer destinations this time of year, so I hope you’ll find this guide helpful too!