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Palm Bay, Florida

Polished Summer Look Formula

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Being from the Midwest originally, I am simply not used to warm weather. Sure, I’ve experienced it for three or so months out of the year, but never like this. Now that we are traveling full-time and tend to hover in places where the sun shines.

I’ve also learned in the last few months that I love layers. I don’t really like showing too much skin and I like to keep things classy, which is surprisingly difficult in a hot place like Florida. So I turned to Zappos to get some chic summery staples that still make me feel pulled together,

Palm Bay, Florida

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Traveling full-time and being focused on creating a really versatile capsule closet has made me really reevaluate my spring style. I feel like it is so easy to default to peasant tops and boho-chic pieces – especially because they are everywhere – but I am opting out of them all together. Nothing against the boho style, particularly if that is your thing. But like many people,

Boca Raton, Florida

20 Game Changing Beauty Products I Love

This year, my New Years resolution was a bit different than my typical “work out more” or “be more adventurous” – I wanted to focus on myself. I wanted to find more me-time and take care of myself more. A huge part of that has been discovering new products that are serious game-changers that make me feel better about myself. Four months of intensive testing (and with some of these products, a decade of devotion) leads me to this list. 19 products that have genuinely changed  my beauty routine in the best way and have made a sizable impact on how confident I am about myself.

St. Augustine, Florida

Cut Off

When doing some digging into what cities to stop at during our Florida Coast trip, St. Augustine kept popping up with absolute glowing reviews. Not only is it our countries oldest city, but it genuinely feels like you are walking the streets of Spain in the old city. So incredibly stunning. But also – wow it was hot! I am certainly not used to the heat but I was all for it so I could finally wear these cut off shorts that I had wanted for so long (and finally caved and bought).