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Hello everyone, happy hump day!

And so it begins… the daunting task of packing. Putting all of my material belongings symbolizing an entire semester abroad in one suitcase and flying half way across the world to go home. I can’t help but get these overwhelming waves of nostalgia. Reliving all my favorite moments, the roller coaster of emotions, the panicked what-the-F-do-I-wear moments (due to the severe lack of choices) but I wouldn’t change a single moment of it all.

What does this mean for all of you? I apologize if my Instagram and Twitter feeds don’t give off quite the jet-set vibe back in the Midwest. The backdrops to my photo’s might now have iconic, European land marks and my hair actually might look decent (hello all my necessary hair products). On the brighter (more fashionable) side, you won’t have to see the same pieces being used to a nauseating extent. But despite all of the aforementioned facts, I hope you will bear it out with me for the sake of a common love of all things fashion.

But looking forward, I am headed out of Florence, stopping in Rome. Then from Rome I will be flying into London yet again to reunite with my love. Then we are going on what we have jokingly entitled, “our last hurrah tour,” visiting Dublin and Amsterdam only to head back to London to embark on our final flight back to the States. What a crazy way to end such an exciting journey. I thank all of you from the bottom of my wanderlust-filled heart for following along with each post, tweet, Facebook picture, Instagram and email.






A.N.A Utility Jacket via J.C. Penney (similar) // Express Blouse // Coated Pants via PacSun (similar) // Karen Walker Sunnies // Scarf c/o Luxe Auctions // ALDO Bag (very similar) // Old Navy Boots (very similar) // Stella & Dot Valor Studs // ALDO Watch // Stella & Dot Eden Bangle // Stella & Dot Phoebe Bracelet // Stella & Dot Christina Link Bracelet // Stella & Dot Moraley Flower Ring Stack // Nails: Trade Winds by Revlon

As always, thank you for reading.


  1. Cara Rossiter Wrote:

    You should totally do a post about your hair Brenna and your favourite products!