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My Secret To Long Hair

Of all the questions I get asked about, over half of them are about my hair. I have a very long relationship with these locks, some of it hate, some of it love. I grew up in a time where short, straight hair was it. I had very thick, long hair that was wavy (with a fair side of frizz).

When I was 16, I learned to just embrace all of the body that my hair naturally had. That is why you hardly ever see it straight. I have been growing it out since high school (I am now 24).

In that time span, there has been colorings and cuts I never thought I could bounce back from. As I have explained on my Instagram Story, I am finally at a really good place with my hair. I have it colored only once a year (specially so it looks like a balayage as it grows) and trims twice a year. I wash my hair once every 4-7 days (depending on climate and work outs). I almost exclusively air dry my hair and curl it on the first day, which allows me to “ride out” the curl until I wash my hair again. This allows me to avoid heat damage as much as possible, still with a styled look to my hair.

But recently, I felt like all of the things listed above weren’t enough and I was looking for something to fortify and strengthen my hair.

That’s when I found and tried KeraHealth.

I am pretty skeptical when it comes to supplements, because I don’t take any medication and try to do everything naturally. I also don’t consume animal products (which many supplements have in them). I was so excited to discover that it was vegan, drug-free and trans-fat free. It only had the nutrients that my hair, skin and nails needed. I take two a day, with a meal.

They have both a men’s and a women’s option (obviously, I used the women’s variety). I started using them and within a week, I was noticing that my hair was drying with less frizz. Within two weeks, I was curling my hair and noticed it was brighter (just like the claim) and had more life to it, even though I’m way past due for a trim.

Here is what makes it actually work (something I always want to know):

– KerCysteine (care-sisteen) is a highly absorbable and digestible form of keratin that is naturally sourced. Both formulas contain KerCysteine, amino acids, Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin B3, Copper, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5. I always thought Biotin was the way to go, until I took them and saw little results. It makes up just one of the ingredients in KeraHealth.

– Keratin is 95% of our hair and as we age we produce less and less keratin. That totally made sense to me that my hair doesn’t bounce back from damage and highlights the way it used to.

– This is a 3-month treatment that can be taken on a yearly basis to keep hair healthy, strong and bright. For severe cases of hair loss, a 6-month treatment is highly recommended. I think I can use all the help I can get, so I have every intention of continuing with it long term.

– KeraHealth Supplements nourish, rejuvenate, revitalize, brighten, and replenish from the root of the hair.

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As always, thank you for reading and a big thank you to KeraHealth for sponsoring this post and letting me share my true thoughts about their product.

Get 10% off KeraHealth with code ‘CHIC10″

Here is a video about how/why it works (something I was super curious about)