My Favorite Fashion Apps


Zara Sweater (identical) // Plum Street Prints iPhone Case c/o // Karl Lagerfeld Watch // Ruby James by Lauren Wall Bracelets c/o // Coccinelle Leather Wrap Bracelet (similar) // Stella & Dot ‘Jackie Link’ Bracelet // Gorjana ‘Mila’ Ring c/o // Nails: ‘Blanc’ and ‘As Gold As It Gets’ by Essie

The Fashion Freax Street Style App

Social media has made it so it’s much easier to share your #OOTDs now more than ever, and the fashionista who’s always wanted to share their outfits with the world has thrived in this society where people don’t just share their photos, but also constantly receive feedback on them. Whether it’s likes on Instagram or retweets and shares on Twitter and Facebook, it’s easy to get feedback on your looks, and social media has done wonders to bring the fashion community together.

Taking things a step further, mobile has been revolutionizing social sharing as well. Gaming Realms, the company behind mobile gaming website Pocket Fruity, said that the market for mobile virtual goods was worth $7.3 billion in 2010 and is expected to double by 2014, and thus, many brands have started focusing their efforts in launching full-service mobile apps. Thanks to this, we now have apps like the Fashion Freax Street Style App, an app that connects users to the community of

With the Fashion Freax app, users are not only able to connect to a world of like-minded stylistas, but they’re also able to submit photographs of their own looks to the community. Those scrolling through the images on the app can choose to like the outfits uploaded, or leave comments and suggestions on the look. The app seamlessly connects to Facebook, and you can treat it like a more specialized version of Instagram, where you don’t have to worry about having to scroll through another photo of your friend’s dinner. Rather, you’ll be treated to stylish look after stylish look, where you can get inspiration for your own looks, and even find friends who share the same sense of style.

The Fashion Freax app is free, but users will need to purchase packages in-app if they wish to reach a certain number of viewers. For example, in order to get 500 viewers, you must pay the $0.99 fee; and for 3000 followers, it’s $2.99. While a small price to pay, it’s also a great way to ensure that your looks get the most exposure, and that you get the best feedback available to you through the app. It’s great for growing a blog!

The Chic Street Style App

This project has been on the books for quite some time now and has been up and live for a few months! All in one place you have my style at your fingertips for inspiration. You have my Twitter and Facebook feed available inside the app, my styling services and also a “gallery” that is updated each Sunday. This week’s is all about inspiration (from past blog looks) that are feminine and romantic – perfect for Valentine’s. Sometime’s I show you how to wear the same basic piece (like a striped tee) 10 different ways, sometimes it’s 15 ways to wear a red lip – you just never know (so stay tuned).

Download it for free here!

The Blog Lovin’ App

This free app allows you to follow all of your favorite bloggers all in one place. I follow a dizzying amount of bloggers and keeping up with them could be a full time job if you wanted. Well, you can follow all of your favorite fashionistas (including me, here) in one synchronized feed. It’s practically routine for me know: wake up, coffee, Instagram, Facebook and then Bloglovin’.

The Stylebook App

If you’re like me and don’t have the most amazing memory ever, all of my outfits get jumbled together and I can’t remember what I’ve worn to save me. The Stylebook app let’s you take a “selfie” every morning and put it into a library that’s dated. So if I can’t remember when the last time I wore a top was… I head straight to this app. You also can take pictures of your clothes and create pairings in the app. This is my favorite way to come up with new and unexpected outfit combinations (especially when I’m waiting in line, walking to class, bored in class…).

The Retail Me Not App

This is the best and easiest coupon and discount app there is (for clothes). I love this free app, it has saved me countless dollars in the past. It’s gotten to the point where I won’t buy anything, online or in-person, without at least doing a quick search for a coupon code in their search engine. There always is some kind of exclusive discount and who doesn’t like paying less for something you were already going to buy anyways.

What are your favorite apps? I’d love to hear.

As always, thank you for reading.