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My Cure For Dark Roots


For about 4 years now, I have highlighted my hair and then had to fight the woes of dark roots a month or two after getting my hair colored. I know every hairstylist says to touchup your color every 4-6 weeks, but I literally cross into Canada for my gal, so that isn’t exactly a viable option.

I’ve been on the hunt for a solution for dark roots for years and have tried many things. Some didn’t do anything while others did too much and looked unnatural. I found Back 2 Blonde at CVS and decided to give it a try and it was just right. It visibly lightens roots but without any hard lines or unnatural coloring. It washes out just like dry shampoo but lasts all day. I personally use the “dark blonde” color to give a bit of a balayage effect but without that growth line.

I actually used the “medium blonde” and “light blonde” bottles to test out just how blonde I’m willing to go next time I’m in my hairdressers chair. Spoiler alert: I think I want to go a bit lighter after giving it a day-long test run.

If you want to see how dark my roots normally are (before Back 2 Blonde) see here.IMG_6419 IMG_6427 IMG_6428

I get mine at Wallgreens, but it is also available at Rite Aid and CVS. Plus get $4 off through this Ibotta offer.

Have any of you ever tried Back 2 Blonde before? What are your thoughts?

As always, thank you for reading.

  1. Jackie Wrote:

    I haven’t personally tried this product before, but i’ve heard some great things! Your hair looks fantastic!

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    • Brenna Wrote:

      Aw thank you, Jackie! I really love how easy and effective it is.