Charleston, SC

Modern Work Staple

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Since the very beginning moments of my career, I’ve always been in favor of modern and fashionable pieces for the workplace. This is important, specifically for versatility.

Long gone are the days – in most workplaces – where black slacks and white button downs are the norm. I loved working in Nordstrom Headquarters, where they embraced a “fashion forward professional” dress code. In essence, you needed to look stylish and appropriate (in terms of skin showing). Now that I work for myself, mainly remotely and travel a lot, I embrace the same mentality.

Back in my cooperate days, a pair of chic black joggers was my modern take on black slacks. I typically opted for a modern and loose fit silk blouse (rather than the structured, tight ones that typically come to mind). Now that I have even more flexibility in what I wear day-to-day thanks to owning two online-based ring companies, I find myself styling and wearing a basic white T-shirt even more. Top with a chic third piece and you are wearing a super comfortable – yet pulled together – work outfit. It’s especially great for those of us who work from home!

To me, I have been shopping based on materials now more than ever. I love a variety of fabrics, but cotton has become a bigger part thanks to my increased travels and flexible work situation. I’m also stocking up in anticipation of hot and humid South Carolina summers, where breathable materials will be key. Even borderline athlesiure items that can be up styled and polished for all elements of my life. I recently found out that 77% of consumers say cotton is their favorite fabric to wear (I understand why!)

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