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How to Pull Off Jeans + A T-Shirt For A Holiday Party

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My style tends to go in phases: from very dressy to over wearing casual basics. Right now, I’m definitely feeling the more laid-back end of that spectrum. But the holiday season isn’t exactly associated with jeans – right? Well today, I’m showing you how you can get away with wearing basic jeans and a T-shirt to your next holiday party (or family get together) and not feel under dressed – with the help of fabulous accessories.

I first learned how impactful accessories could be when I lived in Italy for four months in a single suitcase – without ever repeating an outfit. This was done mainly in part my accessories. Things like scarves, lipstick and jewelry would transform a clothing piece I had worn seemingly one hundred different ways with the securing of a clasp on a statement necklace. Today’s advice takes that tip and brings it home for the season of sparkle.

So with the addition of a patterned top coat, some over-the-knee boots and a stunning Swarovski statement necklace, two dresses down staples become soiree-ready. I love where this statement necklace sits. It is great for holiday dresses that have an open neckline, collared shirts (at work or otherwise) or a crewneck sweater. I could go on and on about how to style this beauty.

img_0496 img_0503

Not only does a statement piece of jewelry like this transform your look, but it makes for a wow-worthy holiday gift. Swarovski makes everything from statement necklaces like this (for the glamour loving girl in your life) to minimalistic pieces that are perfect for low key ladies. But no matter who you are gifting to, who doesn’t love a touch of sparkle?!

It’s pieces like this that can help make everyday extraordinary for your giftee.

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I spruced up my jeans and T-shirt combo with this Swarovski Necklace

Have any of you given or received a Swarovski piece as a gift before? I know I did once from my former boss and I still have it and cherish it to this day. That hasn’t changed since the first time! Give a piece of Swarovski jewels to #givebrilliant this holiday (and make someone very happy!)

As always, thank you for reading.

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  1. Liv Wrote:

    Love how you styled your jeans!


    • Brenna Wrote:

      Thank you so much, Liv!