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How To Shop For Your Capsule Closet During Sales

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One of the hardest things about curating your perfect capsule closet is resisting items that don’t go with your newly minimalistic and perfectly versatile wardrobe. This is especially true during sales. With great sales happening left and right during the next few months, it can be hard to stay focused. I have been tempted many times, but after actively streamlining my wardrobe for the last few years, I have a good grasp on what sits there and what gets worn time and time again.

Here are some of my best tips:

1. Be selective about which sales you actually shop. I’m not saying to never shop clearance, but as a rule of thumb, you will find better quality and versatile pieces from all-inclusive sales (like the ShopBop one that ends tomorrow at midnight) versus clearance or end of season sales.

2. Use my capsule closet checklist (here is the printable list) and actively go through and note what you already have and what you still need. Search those terms on the website and see if you can get a deal on quality, classic pieces.

3. Online shop sales and overbuy with the mentality that you will only keep what is perfect. This way, you aren’t persuaded by environments or pushy sales people. It also allows you to get the pieces home and mix-and-match them with what you already own to see if it is a versatile piece for you personally. I also think it is much easier to find what you want online versus in-store.

4. Sales like ShopBop’s end of the season sale allows you to get up to 30% off everything, so this is the time to get your investment pieces. I’ll share below what I purchased!

5. Make sure the fit is perfect or you love it enough to invest in tailoring it. Find someone local who you love and trust. Hemming a sleeve is around $5 and taking in shoulders or taking in the sides is $35+. Know price points so you know if it its worth it or not.

6. Invest in: premium denim (with a perfect fit), timepieces and quality bags and footwear.

Here is what I bought from the sale:


Hope this all can inspire you this week. If you replicate one of the outfits, make sure to #CSScapsulecloset so I can see!

As always, thank you for reading.

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