Salmon, Idaho

Goldbug Hot Springs

Every time we are in a place like this, I am reminded why we made the craziest decision over a year ago. Almost on a whim, selling 90% of what we owned, moving out of downtown Seattle and into a renovated RV to travel full-time. This was on a Thursday morning. I wake up every day so blessed, inspired and in awe of the life and businesses we have created and that all of my hard work paid off.

I’ve been a lot of places in the world, but Goldbug Hot Springs, located in Salomon, Idaho (nearly the middle of no where) almost tops my list. If you are anywhere near this place (or not at all) – GO! I have never felt so relaxed, in awe and giddy with the feeling that this place could not possibly be real, but it is.

Goldbug Hot Springs is a 3.3 mile hike each way, but honestly, it felt more like 2. I am in week 7 of the BBG guide and this certainly counted as my cardio. This hike is totally doable for people of all ages and is 100% worth it. The first quarter mile is kind of intense cross backs, but then, most of the way is more of a trail than hiking and is very mild. The last half mile is up rocks and is pretty steep, but it makes you feel like you’ve earned it once you reached the top. We started our hike at 9am and I honestly couldn’t tell you what time we got up to the springs at, because I was so mesmerized, I didn’t look at my phone, not even once. I’m guessing it took around an hour and a half for the hike. We had the springs all to ourselves until the last 20 minutes, so I would definitely go on a weekday morning if you can. If not, go for sunset or sunrise.

When you get up to the top, it is absolutely incredible. There are three main pools (the first one you see is scorching hot, which would be great when it is cooler), but the top one (in all the pictures) is my favorite. It is seriously the perfect temperature. We were at the springs for over two hours and never got too hot or too cold. There is also a stunning water fall going into the pools. As you can see from the pictures, it naturally creates a heart shape and is not crazy deep.

You can bring your dogs, but I would highly discourage it. Dogs and hot springs typically don’t mix. I would wear legitimate workout clothes and tennis shoes, bring water and snacks and wear sunscreen.

The town of Salmon is a quintessential American small town. Per recommendations of the locals, we stopped at The Junkyard Bistro for lunch afterwords and I would highly recommend it.

As always, thank you for reading.

Here is a map of where it is located

Here is more information about the hike

Here is the $17 bikini I’m wearing (that’s on prime)