Key West, Florida

Glam-V 2.0 Outdoor Space Reveal

I am very excited to share the first peek of our Glam-V 2.0 today! As many of you may already know, Zach and I swapped out our Downtown Seattle digs for an RV an wanderlust last July. It seemed like a crazy decision. Sell everything we didn’t absolutely need, and move into an RV and travel full-time. I work online and for myself, so I can work from anywhere – especially since we have our own MiFi router. We took a few months to get married and do a renovation (on our first Glam-V) and left for our first adventure in November and have since had the absolute time of our lives.

Going full-time has been one of the best things we’ve ever done, hands down. Especially since upgrading to the much larger, Class A RV in late February. This one genuinely feels like home and that is such an amazing feeling. We are almost 100% done with the renovations and you can expect a reveal soon.

We learned a lot by renovating our first RV. It is nothing like renovating a house. It takes a lot of creativity, logic and problem-solving but we think it is an exciting challenge. We went with a completely different style than our first one. We actually designed it after our favorite transit station in London that is 100% black and white, sleek and very modern.

We wanted that to extend to our outdoor space. This is one thing we did not utilize well on our first RV. It didn’t have an awning so we just really didn’t think of that as another living space. That has obviously changed with this one. We have a very large awning and really love sitting outside, especially in all of these amazing places we’ve been to, like where we currently are in Key West.

The first thing we did is take off all of the decals (that drive me absolutely crazy about RVs). We had it repainted so the entire unit is pure white. We are looking into getting a black and white striped awning, so it really creates that more modern feel we like.

As you can see with the picture above, we have a white TV mount on the side of our RV. This is one of the best ideas we’ve ever had. We have one set of mountings on the outside and one in the wall in our bedroom. That way if we have bad weather coming we just move it to our bedroom, or we can watch our favorite shows while soaking in some sun. Side note, another reason we painted the entire RV white, is because we have a projector that we can set up on the other side and hammocks so we can have an incredible movie night with friends (or ourselves).

The biggest thing you need to have when creating a gorgeous outdoor space is a large outdoor rug. Ours was under $100 and reversible (found here). We actually thrifted both the chairs and the table. We painted the chairs glossy black (they were an awful green) and put the same marble film that we used on the counters inside on the table to make it feel more elevated. We are currently revamping a bar cart so it can sit underneath the TV!

The next thing is accessories. This is what truly makes it feel like a home-like space. Pillows and candles are a must. I found this Peppered Amber candle from Apollo Box (seriously, check out their site – SO many cute things!) and it is the perfect robust and modern candle to have in your space. It also comes in the most gorgeous packaging (that I am totally using to store makeup brushed now. We also got a really cool geo candle (shown below) that smells like tobacco spice, which would make a really great gift as well (oh hey Father’s Day).

I really wanted to get some oversized candles to accent the space with – but with limited storage space – that idea got shot down hard. We can’t wait to string up the cafe lights we got as well!

Now it is just the perfect space to have friends over, sip some wine, play with our animals and really enjoy where we are at.

I also got these great jersey pillow covers (for only a few dollars each, they take 3 weeks to be delivered – but so worth it) so really play up the black and white printed rug.

Finally, consider layering rugs. It adds a really high-end and unexpected touch to your outdoor space.

As always, thank you for reading.

Wearing this top (only $31)

Peppered Amber Candle and Geo Candle – get 15% off with code ‘BRENNA15’ on Apollo Box

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    How Do you get mail when your Traveling around so often?

    • Brenna Wrote:

      Ill go into more detail with my post all about full-time RVing!