Charleston, SC

Finding Home: Buying Land in Charleston!

2017 was the absolutely best year of our lives. So much happened in just 365 days. We spent last year redefining our lives and living our dreams. 56 cities, 18 flights, 3 different countries, 8 employees, 3 RVs (and three renovations *ugh*), 2 new puppies, 2 cars, 2 Everly offices and now starting 2018 with ONE NEW CITY: CHARLESTON!

Yes, that’s right. Charleston!

We are buying land there and making that our home base. As soon as I announced this on Instagram, I was flooded with questions. Clearly it was triggered thanks to the nomadic lifestyle we lead now.

Here is the backstory…

It only seems appropriate that the pictures for this post are around a fire, because it’s a long one.

When we first started traveling full time, we went to Charleston to meet up with our good friend. From the minute we drove into Charleston, we gave each other a look and we knew that’s where we wanted to be. Yet, we didn’t want to stop traveling (and we still don’t). Looking long term, Everly has been growing so fast and we wanted to relocate the company and team members. Even though Ames, Iowa is where it started, we didn’t want it to be there forever.

The second day we were there, we found a lot – that we thought – was perfect. We didn’t do our homework and ended up with a Real Estate agent who was very unversed in Tax Sales and did not communicate. We were closing on this lot since March of 2017 and it unexpectedly fell through in December. It was hard at first, but we know everything happens for a reason. We came back to Charleston and started looking and yesterday, we found our dream lot to build our our future on.

“What are you building? Why Land?”

These are the two most commonly asked questions I got right after I announced this on Instagram.

We decided land for a few reasons. We originally thought we were going to build our dream home with a wing for Everly, but it grew so fast, that’s no longer an option. We also realized, we didn’t want a huge house that would use sit empty as we traveled. Also, what we wanted simply didn’t exist in Charleston. We have very industrial and contemporary tastes and every house in Charleston is extremely classic. Nothing wrong with that – it’s just not for us. We would spend six-figures renovating to get any structure how we want it. It makes a lot more sense for us to just build it (especially because we have time and a place to live). We met with a couple builders and Zach came up with a great concept. We are building a very large warehouse to fit our future and long-term goals with Everly with a 3,000 sqft loft above it. This can be our “home” when we are not traveling. It is still our dream house, just with a lofted and open floor plan execution.

“When are you building?”

When I answered what we were building, the next question we were asked was when. Once we close, we have to get a building permit. This can take up to 4 months because there is so many new buildings going up in Charleston right now (crazy, right?!) We will be saving up as we wait for all of this to happen and we will be designing our warehouse/loft as well. I am SO overwhelmed with all of the different floor plans and design options – has anyone else been through a build? But nevertheless, it is incredibly exciting.

Lucky for us, 50% of our 4-acre lot is already cleared, so that is one less thing we have to do! We have to decide exactly how big we want it to be (it’s looking like the structure will be about 10,000 sqft) and where we want it on the property. We have a hard deadline of May 2019 for it all to be finished, because that is when we are relocating Everly and the team members.

“So… you are still traveling?”

Yes! I know it may sound crazy to some of you, but our current RV feels like home to us. Maybe after I reveal the renovation, you all will see why. We still want to travel and see the world on a full-time basis. We want to do the entire east coast next fall. We want to do the entire southern portion of the U.S .and West Coast this spring/summer. There is still so much to see and we genuinely get restless spending too much time in one place. But, I won’t lie, it will feel great to have a “home base” that isn’t my office back in Iowa.

“Why Charleston?”

If you have ever been there, you probably know why. We actually started traveling (for many reasons), but the main one is that we didn’t like anywhere in the U.S. enough to spend all of that money and just stay there. When we went to Charleston, immediately I was happy and relaxed. It felt like home to us at our core. It felt like a place we would love more and more each day and that we could move our employees to and be proud. Not to mention, we absolutely adore the south (and the people who live in it). We were ready for a big change, and going from Seattle to Charleston is about as big of a change as it gets.

Thank you all SO much for every single comment and message about this. I have been wanting to tell you all for so long. You have no idea what it means to me that everyone had followed our crazy journey and has sent so much love our way over the years. We are so excited for this next chapter and I can’t wait to share it all.

As always, thank you for reading.