The skinny on Everly,

My ring company

Everly was born out of equal parts necessity and desire. I was engaged at the time and my dream wedding band was $20,000. Some of you may know that I was going to study gemology if I hadn’t landed my “dream job” right out of college. I have always had a huge love affair for diamond-alternative stones, specifically those that were man-made and eco friendly. I decided to combine those stones with gold plated, sterling silver settings to give everyone dream rings at a dream price. Everly, was born in October of 2015.

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Shown stacked (from left to right): The Lively Ring and 4 Monte Carlo Bands (in a mix of rose and white)

At Everly, our core mission is to inspire and heighten the style and spirit of both our customers and team alike, through dream rings and unparalleled service that stems from the desire to truly enhance lives and innovate beyond the norm.

Today, Everly has expanded to a team of 4 plus one intern. Our formal office space is in Ames, IA. When I was in college, dreaming these big dreams, I would walk past this gorgeous brick building on the way to my favorite coffee shop to blog and envision what my life could be, if I chased my dreams to the best of my ability. In February 2017, I hired on three team members and got an office in the same building I’d always walk by and admire.

I get inspiration from our customers, luxury estate jewelry and Pinterest. We want to make our customer’s “dream rings” a very attainable reality. Our customers get to vote on what styles they want us to create and we really listen to what they want.














My ring collection


The Elsa, The Mercer, The Monte Carlo, The Beverly Hills and The Devlin

The Elsa, The Mercer, The Monte Carlo, The Beverly Hills and The Devlin Band

The Fallyn Ring, The Mercer Band, The Monte Carlo Band and The Leighton Dome Band

The Fallyn Ring and The Beverly Hills Band


My ring collection



The St. Lucia, The Leighton Dome (rose/champagne), The Mercer (rose/champagne), The Catalina and The St. Lucia Band


@rocyroque wearing The Athena, The Verona, Beverly Hills and The Anaca Band


The Brynn, The Haven, The Verona and The Anaca Band

The Monte Carlo, The Mila, The Beverly Hills, The Sia and The Mercer Band

The Oia, The Luna, The Monte Carlo, The Verona and The Monte Carlo Band



The Middleton Ring

The Emerson Ring


The Venus,
Emrey rings

Please let me know what you think of the collection and if there is anything you would like to see in new collections! I’m very open to your opinions and thoughts.

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As always, thank you for reading (and shopping!)