Athens, Greece

Athens Travel Guide

Athens was one of the most incredible trips we have ever taken. Like most European cities, you go there having high expectations that are very hard to meet. Athens was one of the few cities that didn’t just meet mine, but exceeded it.
Athens combines incredible history with the beauty that comes with just about anywhere in Greece. It fuzes ancient structures with a modern approach that is simply awe-inducing. Great food, a booming city and amazing people, that is Athens….


2017 was the absolutely best year of our lives. So much happened in just 365 days. We spent last year redefining our lives and living our dreams. 56 cities, 18 flights, 3 different countries, 8 employees, 3 RVs (and three renovations *ugh*), 2 new puppies, 2 cars, 2 Everly offices and now starting 2018 with ONE NEW CITY: CHARLESTON!
Yes, that’s right. Charleston!
We are buying land there and making that our home base. As soon as I announced this on Instagram,…


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Call me crazy, but unlike so many bloggers that bring multiple suitcases, packed to the brim, seemingly everywhere they go. I’m simply not. I absolutely hate paying to check a bag and would rather use that $110 round trip to have an amazing experience wherever I am going. I also love the challenge.
So thanks to many years of perfection my system, I always travel with just a carry on. I also like the fact that there is no risk of my bag (and therefore things inside it) to get lost….

Salmon, Idaho

Goldbug Hot Springs

Every time we are in a place like this, I am reminded why we made the craziest decision over a year ago. Almost on a whim, selling 90% of what we owned, moving out of downtown Seattle and into a renovated RV to travel full-time. This was on a Thursday morning. I wake up every day so blessed, inspired and in awe of the life and businesses we have created and that all of my hard work paid off.
I’ve been a lot of places in the world,…