St. Petersburg, Florida

Summer Work Outfit Formula

Even though I don’t work in corporate America (anymore), I still love a good polished look. Whether you have a meeting, your 9-to-5 grind or an event, here is some work-ready inspiration to mix the fun fashion of summer with a professional twist.
From even my first day at headquarters, this was a go-to outfit formula for me. It always looked effortlessly styled and created the perfect fusion of trendy and professional. The silhouette is timeless, but there are three key elements that bring this up to date:

The chambray shirt (rather than a typical white button down)
A pencil skirt with an unexpected detail (like the fun pineapple embellishments on this skirt)
A statement shoe (like this classic kitten sandal,…

Key West, Florida

Preppy Vibes

In the midst of all of our tropical travels, I jumped at the first slightly cooler day to resort back to my default, more preppy style.
I shared this styling tip on Instagram, but whether you are dressing casually or for work, this tip never fails. At any collar, try clipping the two lapels together using a brooch. It creates a really polished and stylish take on a very classic style.
I styled this basic T-shirt dress with metallic accents to make it slightly more trendy for  one of our Everly meetings….


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The floral dress is a springtime staple. Nothing says “goodbye cold and snow” like a flirty fit-and-flare dress. So today, I’ve partnered with Maggy London to show you three ways to style their timeless signature dress in three completely different (and maybe a bit unexpected) ways. Because I’m a true believer that everything in your closet should be able to be styled at least three different ways. Did I mention these dresses are all under $100?!…

Palm Bay, Florida

Polished Summer Look Formula

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Being from the Midwest originally, I am simply not used to warm weather. Sure, I’ve experienced it for three or so months out of the year, but never like this. Now that we are traveling full-time and tend to hover in places where the sun shines.
I’ve also learned in the last few months that I love layers. I don’t really like showing too much skin and I like to keep things classy, which is surprisingly difficult in a hot place like Florida….