Many of you have been asking more about my “real life” and what I wear when I work from home – versus in the office. If you don’t already know this, I travel most the year and work remotely. I do spend about 10-15 weeks a year actually at Everly headquarters in Ames, IA. Right now just happens to be that stint for this year (and hopefully my last before we move all operations to Charleston, SC next year!)
I explained this in my Instagram Stories,…


One thing that I’ve learned while working for a variety of companies (including my own), is that there are some pieces that just always come through for you in an office setting. I swear by (and own) so many shirt dresses, but now that I’m older (and hopefully a bit wiser), I’m learning to invest in materials that will not only look luxurious, but last beyond your next promotion.
A combination of luxe materials, the right fit and the perfect pieces can make a would of a difference….

Denver, Colorado

Metallic Touch

When we were in Colorado a few weeks back, I got to experience some cool mountain air (and therefore got to break into my fall clothes). I reached for my go-to leather leggings (I love these ones because they are great quality, a little thicker and not too shiny) and a layered sweater.
One of my favorite ways to style a sweater is with a sleeveless blouse underneath it. I either go with a longer, menswear-inspired option or a bow blouse to add a feminine touch….

Nashville, Tennessee

Blazer + Slip Dress

Boyfriend blazers have been a favorite piece of mine since I started thing blog, nearly 5 and a half years ago. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect third piece. I have very narrow shoulders and I prefer a longer length to my blazers, it just looks more stylish in my opinion.
I’m always adding to my collection and searching for my new must-have. When I saw this nude one, I knew I needed it. Perfect for all seasons, long enough to wear with a mini dress or style it for a weekend in boyfriend jeans….