Capsule Closet Series

Ames, Iowa

Camo + Knit

My fall rotation of thick knits, over the knee boots and loafers has begun. My favorite sources for these may surprise you. I swear by Amazon for my much-loved collection of loafers and H&M for great chunky knits (I have a ton, because we use them all the time for Everly Rings styled shoots).
I love the mix of the camo pattern, which is a bit masculine with loafers that have a feminine, pearl detail.

Everly Rings stack: 2 Carat Reese,…


Many of you have been asking more about my “real life” and what I wear when I work from home – versus in the office. If you don’t already know this, I travel most the year and work remotely. I do spend about 10-15 weeks a year actually at Everly headquarters in Ames, IA. Right now just happens to be that stint for this year (and hopefully my last before we move all operations to Charleston, SC next year!)
I explained this in my Instagram Stories,…


I admit it’s been a couple of months now since we were in Peru, but I haven’t had a chance to post this yet due to the insanity that is my life as a business owner! In this case, the craziness works in my favor, since this outfit is now seasonally appropriate almost everywhere, not just in South America.
I can’t tell you what it is exactly, but South America has my heart 100%. Maybe it’s the fierceness of the people,…


Anyone who knows me knows that I downright refuse to check bags. First off, it’s a time suck, there is a risk of loosing said luggage and it is very expensive. If you have a layover or two on different airlines – which is very common for us – that can amount to $300 in fees for a single bag. Hard pass.
Call me crazy, but I love the challenge of packing out of a tiny bag and never repeating outfits….