_MG_3883 Hello there! I’m Brenna.

I’m a 20-something apparel major, blogger, stylist and pending buyer post-graduation. I’m a Midwest ma’am (and soon-to-be Seattleite) specializing in generating dynamic cheap-chic looks. A layering guru, self-confessed shoe hoarder and a high-low style mixologist.

I may be young, but I find beauty in what has been of the past, and immerse in the joy of what is today. I am all about high style that comes with a low price tag, and believe that style can be found at any budget. My style aesthetic is somewhere along the lines of fearlessly feminine, classicly preppy executed in a versatile and trendy fashion. I lust over Louboutins but strut around in Steve Maddens. I find the biggest thrill by helping someone identify, explore and execute their own personal style that is theirexclamation point in the sentence of who they are.

The story of my life is told through these clothes, my difficulties through the wear of the soles of my shoes, and triumphs in the sparkle of my smile.

Join me and follow my journey.