Key West, Florida

7 Things To You Need To Know About Florida

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This post is sponsored by Foster Grant sunglasses, but all opinions are my own.

It is kind of crazy to think we’ve been traveling Florida for over six weeks now. Sure, I had been here on Spring Break back in the day and like many tourists, headed straight to Daytona Beach or Orlando. I have really enjoyed finding the less tainted parts of Florida and experiencing everything this sunny state has to offer.

If you didn’t know this already, we are spending all of May in Key West. Yes, this is probably the most tourist-ridden stop we have made thus far. But you can’t skip The Keys when exploring Florida. It is like a Caribbean gem that you can drive to. We actually are staying on Stock Island (right next to Key West, the most Southernmost point in the U.S.). This keeps us close enough to all of the excitement with out being right in the middle of the hub of tourists. Also, May is the off-season for The Keys, which is perfect.

Spending this much time in Florida, I thought I would share the 10 things you need to know about Florida:

1. You need inexpensive and chic sunglasses, because you will wear them all the time. But the whole point of this state is that you are actually getting out to enjoy the weather, having adventures and living it up! I really recommend buying a few pairs of affordable sunglasses, so that if one pair happens to fall into the ocean as you are parasailing (or something along those lines) they can be replaced easily. I recently found Foster Grant sunglasses and they offer super on-trend styles, all under $30! All the sunglasses you see in this post are from them. At this price, you can also experiment with different trends, like rose gold shades. They also have 100% UVA-UVB protection, so rest assured that your eyes are safe while you are practically living in the sun.

2. Florida is filled with amazing history. Did you know that they first discovered Florida in 1513 – over 500 years ago?! I had zero clue.

3. The food here is amazing. So much of the food I’ve had in Florida has some other culture’s influence mixed in and the result is so dang good. I plan on doing a whole post about all the hidden gems – and best eats – in Florida when we are done exploring the Gulf Coast.

4. There are so many amazing atmospheres with live music outdoors. Do a quick Google search for wherever you are at, head there and have a drink and take it all in.

5. They love their wildlife. I highly recommend visiting a sea turtle rehab center (my favorite was in Boca Raton) or a wildlife refuge of some sort.

6. The locals are more than happy to guide you off the tourist-ridden path. When we were staying right outside of Coca Beach, we asked a waitress at a restaurant who was a local what were some of the under-the-radar things to do. She guided us to Sebastian’s Inlet, a state park that is a huge hidden gem. We would have never known unless we asked!

7. The best beaches are the ones that you haven’t hear of… yet. Ask a local or do a search for hidden gems online. They have much less people and much better eats!

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What do you guys want to see in my Florida guide? Do you know of anywhere we must stop, do or eat on the Gulf Coast side of Florida? I’d love to hear!

As always, thank you for reading and a big thank you to Foster Grant Sunglasses for sponsoring this post.

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