6 Nail Polishes That Pair Perfectly with Rose Gold


As we are about one month out from our wedding (eek!) and being engaged for a year and a half, I’ve had some time to get used to that rock on that special finger. Mine, like many rings, features a rose gold setting. Once you debut your new jewels, there are so many questions that go through your mind. Can I wear other rings on the same hand? Can I mix my metals? And does this nail polish complement my ring? At least this was the case for me.

So whether you are engaged with a rose-hued ring or just like wearing rose gold fashion jewelry, take note of these 6 nail polish colors that will complement your jewelry.


1. Yo Soy by Wet n Wild ($0.99)

If I had to wear one nail polish for the rest of my life, I’m pretty sure this would be it. At only .99 per bottle, it is an absolute steal. Plus, in my experience, it lasts longer without chipping than Essie polishes. The color is the most perfect nude for me and many others (depending on your unique tone) and goes with everything. It allows for your bling to take center stage.

Worn in basically all of my posts, but see here for reference.


2. Doily by Butter London ($15)

Butter London advertises this polish as an “overcoat,” yet in my trials, it works just as good on its own. This nail polish is super innovative with it’s pale pink color and white floral confetti-like pieces that give you a salon look at home. That mix is a perfectly pretty nail design in a bottle that looks amazing with rose gold rings.

See it in action in this post.


3. Blanc by Essie ($9)

This is probably my longest loved nail polish that I’ve been wearing for easily three years. The white color makes you look tan and comes across as minimal and clean, all year round. Because it is simply white, it really makes rose jewelry pop!

Seen here and tons of other blog posts.


4. Mums The Word by Butter London ($18)

This is a new favorite for me but I simply can’t stop wearing it. It is best describes as Kylie Jenner’s lip color in a nail polish bottle. The color is really flattering even if it doesn’t match your skin tone. It is basically the most perfect neutral with a rosy undertone.

See it in action here.

penny talk

5. Penny Talk by Essie ($9)

I discovered this glam metallic when I first got engaged and needed a mani – STAT! It was just new years so I wanted something beyond a neutral but certainly not a blue or purple that would clash. That’s when I found Penny Talk. It goes with the fashion-forward matchy-matchy approach that I personally adore.

See it worn here.


6. Brill by Butter London ($18)

Finding a peachy pink is a delicate balance. I feel like this color family is often super sheer and needs 5 coats, but not Brill. It’s an full peachy pink that covers fully on just a single coat (but I always do two for good measure). The white-based pink makes you look tan and seriously is perfect when paired with a rose gold ring.

See it here.

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Does anyone else think this far into complementing their ring as I do? If so, what are you favorite nail polishes and what metal is your ring. I’d love to hear!

As always, thank you for reading.