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20 Game Changing Beauty Products I Love

This year, my New Years resolution was a bit different than my typical “work out more” or “be more adventurous” – I wanted to focus on myself. I wanted to find more me-time and take care of myself more. A huge part of that has been discovering new products that are serious game-changers that make me feel better about myself. Four months of intensive testing (and with some of these products, a decade of devotion) leads me to this list. 19 products that have genuinely changed  my beauty routine in the best way and have made a sizable impact on how confident I am about myself.

1. Klorane Dry Shampoo:

Price: $20

Length of use: 7 months

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: I thought I had found my holy grail dry shampoo in thee Batiste Dry Shampoo, but after my color being out of stock for what seemed like forever, I tried Klorane instead and fell in love. It literally just lifts the roots of your hair and takes out any grease without residue. I have had my hair last for 6 days before thanks to this dry shampoo.

2. Pantene Expert Intense Hydration Conditioner:

Price: $14.99 (for both conditioner and shampoo)

Length of use: 3 months

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: I’ve been a fan of Pantene products for years. As far as drugstore hair care goes, they make many of my favorites. But I really hadn’t found an affordable conditioner that I really notice a difference with, until I picked this up on a whim one day. It turns my frizzy and dry hair into truly hydrated and sleek.

3. Pantene Overnight Miracle:

Price: $6.49

Length of use: 7 years

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: I am very harsh on my hair with constant curling and straightening, on top of highlights. I have used this stuff nearly every night for seven years and it has saved my hair, especially my ends. I can always tell when I go on a trip and can’t pack too many liquids, my hair does feel more damaged. As a bonus, when I wake up the next day, my curls feel softer and beautifully looser.

4. Glo Whitening Gel:

Price: $85

Length of use: 3 months

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: I was so over the whitening strips and really wanted to try a gel-based whitening system with a light. That’s when I found Glo on Amazon. I am an avid coffee and red wine drinker and my teeth pay for it, but this whitening system makes it better than before the liquids. It really works fast too.

5. Glam Glow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer:

Price: $49

Length of use: 8 months

Rating: 9/10

Overall thoughts: I am downright obsessed with anything by Glam Glow. I tried this right before my wedding and even used it on my wedding day. I’ve been hooked ever since. I blend it in with my favorite Maybelline Fit Foundation to give it radiance and a glowing look. The only reason it doesn’t have 10/10 is because it is more on the spendy side but it is still worth it! I use it on those no makeup days as well or on my chest and shoulders for date night with Zach.

6. Hot Tools 1 1/4 Inch Curling Iron:

Price: $31.22

Length of use: 2 years

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: For the money, you simply can not beat this iron. It’s on Prime, so it can be at your place in 2 days flat and it gives you the biggest, most gorgeous curls. I use this iron with and without the clamp and get two completely different curls out of the same $30 iron. See how the curls look here, here and here.

7. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser:

Price: $9.49

Length of use: 3 years

Rating: 9/10

Overall thoughts: For under $10, you can not beat this cleanser. It is thick, creamy and I swear it fights even the most stubborn of acne. I actually leave it on for 5 minutes or so for extra fighting power when I am brushing my teeth and combing my hair. The only reason I didn’t give it a 10/10 rating is because I still have some breakouts despite using it, but my skin (as I’ve been very open about) is terrible.

8. End-Zit Drying Lotion:

Price: $19.99 (plus get 20% off your first purchase)

Length of use: 1 year

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: I really struggle with my skin and this stuff is a miracle in a bottle. I put this stuff on after I’m done washing my face and before I go to bed. It dries out any breakout overnight and really helps to flatten any bumps as well. In the morning, I use it on my forehead to fight shine and cover up any breakouts more – because it is tinted as well. I use the light/medium shade.

9. Keratin Complex Glowtion Potion:

Price: $28

Length of use: 1 year

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: I’ve been using this styling oil for about a year now and I am obsessed. I use it daily whether I was my hair or not. I apply it on the “ponytail area” down after I was my hair and it just gives my hair so much shine and really helps control frizz. I just it on my ends after I am done curling my hair for weightless shine. A little goes a very long way. I’ve been using this bottle nearly every day for a year and I’m not even half way done with it.

10. Hairfluence Hair Growth Supplements:

Price: $21.04

Length of use: 1 month

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: Despite what people think because I have long hair, my hair actually grows painfully slow. I bought these almost exactly a month ago when my hairstylist took nearly 6 inches off during a trim. I was devastated and in a last ditch effort, I bought these after searching for the #1 all-natural hair growth supplements on Amazon. I was actually planning on buying extensions for the first time and these were more for just peace of mind. After just one month of use, I actually decided to ditch the extensions idea because my hair has grown so much. To the left is in mid-March. The picture to the right was taken three weeks later. My hair has grown easily 3 inches in a month and it is crazy!

11. Pixi by Petra Lower Lash Mascara:

Price: $20 (for kit that includes the mascara and brow gel)

Length of use: 2 months

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: This is the most perfect and precise little wand that makes works wonders for your lower lashes and the inner lashes on top. This is one of those products that makes so much sense and has you wondering why this wasn’t thought of sooner.

12. Maybelline Fit Concealer in Light:

Price: $6.99

Length of use: 6 years

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: i feel very comfortable saying this is the best drugstore concealer on the market. I’ve been using it for years but it wasn’t until I saw an Instagram video from one of my favorite makeup artists that I realized how amazing it is for contouring and highlighting underneath the eyes, on the bridge on the nose, on your chin and in the middle of your forehead. It is so affordable and works so well.

13. Tresemme Tres Two Ultra Find Mist Hairspray (level 3):

Price: $5.29

Length of use: 10 years

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: I have been using this stuff since middle school and swear by it. Every once in a while I get adventurous and try something new (normally 4x the cost) I always end up coming back to this. The 3 hold is my favorite for my loose curls that I wear nearly every day. It keeps your hair in place but feels like you didn’t have any hair spray at all because it is so touchable. I use the 4 hold for updos.

15. Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Tanning:

Price: $24

Length of use: 8 months

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: I’ve used dozens of self tanners and this is by far the best. The smell is incredible (like you are on a tropical beach type of goodness), it is very easy to apply (I highly recommend using this application mitt) and both darkens and moisturizes for a dark tan (not orange at all). It also is great for correcting bad tan lines.

16. Silicone Beauty Blender:

Price: $5.99 for two on Prime

Length of use: 1 month

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: This is one of my absolute favorite products and I have even done an entire Instagram story comparing this to a beauty blender. Not to mention it is so inexpensive and much more sanitary (cleaning it is a breeze), it doesn’t leave lines and uses substantially less product. You need this in your life.

17. Twin Lotus Charcoal Toothpaste:

Price: $6

Length of use: 2 months

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: I never really have found a toothpaste, let alone a natural alternative, that I really loved. Zach got this charcoal toothpaste on Amazon and we are both obsessed. In just one use, it makes a visible difference if you have coffee or wine stains and leaves you feeling like you just got back from the dentist – at home.

18. InStyler Heated Hair Straightening Brush:

Price: $59.99

Length of use: 3 months

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: I have extremely frizzy and wavy hair naturally that was impossible to straighten – before the InStyler. I have a lot of body and straightening my hair with an iron took forever and well, fell flat. You may have noticed I’ve worn my hair straight more times in the last three months than the last three years combined, it is because of this brush. It keeps my hair sleek, straightened and bodacious for up to 5 days without any touch ups! I haven’t touched my $300 straightening iron since I got this $59 InStyler. I am obsessed. See how it looks here and here.

19. GrandeLash MD (eyelash growth serum)

Price: $54.97

Length of use: 6 months

Rating: 9/10

Overall thoughts: Compared to other growth serums, I feel like this one is undoubtably the most bang for your buck. I used it religiously for three weeks and saw nothing for the first two. Then all of a sudden, overnight, I had lashes – I swear. They were certainly thicker and longer (I already had black lashes to begin with).

20. GrandeLash Mascara

Price: $18.28

Length of use: 6 months

Rating: 10/10

Overall thoughts: This is the best building mascara I’ve ever tried. I use three different mascaras together and this one is definitely the most impactful. I know it’s the best, because when I travel, I only bring this one. It lasts all day, gives you a falsie look and doesn’t flake at all.


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What are your beauty holy-grails? I’d love to hear and try out some more!

As always, thank you for reading.


For Hair:

Klorane Dry Shampoo ($20)

Pantene Instense Hydration Conditioner ($8)

Tresemme Tres Two Hairspray (only $5)

Keratin Complex Glowtion Potion ($28)

Pantene Overnight Miracle ($6)

Hairfluence Hair Growth Supplements ($21)

InStyler Straightening Brush (only $59)

Hot Tools 1 1/4 Inch Curling Iron (only $30!)

For Face:

Silicone Beauty Blender ($5.99 for two)

Maybelline Fit Concealer in Light ($6.99)

Pixi by Petra Lower Lash Mascara ($20)

GrandeLash MD Eyelash Growth

GrandeLash Mascara

Glam Glow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer

For Acne:

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser

End-Zit Drying Lotion ($19.99)

For Skin:

Bondi Sands Tanning Lotion

For Teeth:

Glo Whitening System ($85)

Twin Lotus Charcoal Toothpaste ($6)

  1. Angela Wrote:

    Tga k you for the post! I am going to try a few of these items for sure. One product that has changed my life is bare minerals blemish remedy acne treatment gelee cleanser. I have had breakouts for all my life and im in my 30’s! I tried everything from changing my diet to bi-weekly facials and nothing worked. Then when getting my makeup from bare minerals i decided to try this stuff. I didnt even think about it when inwas using it because i just threw it in my shower. My skin cleared up and i couldnt figure out why. I was inly using the cleaner a few times ler week in the shower so i thought it must be because i changed something in my diet. Weeks of clear sKin and i thought wow my body chemistry must have changed! Well then i ran out of the cleanser and my Breakouts started all over again. Thats when i realized this was my answer. I bought more and started trwating my bReakout and voila! Clear skin again! Its a miracle and i love it so mucH.

    • Brenna Wrote:

      Hi Angela,

      Oh my goodness – ordering this now and can’t wait to to try! Thank you so much for the recommendation.


  2. Joanne whittak Wrote:

    Great site, giving the best ma up and Beauty products at very affordable prices!

    • Brenna Wrote:

      Thank you so much, Joanne!


  3. Nici Wrote:

    Do you feel the hair spray you use holds up in high humidity? I swear by tresEme dry Shampoo & recently tried their climate control hair spray and have been a tad disappointed.

    • Brenna Wrote:

      Hi Nici,

      I actually have really thick hair (that is frizz-prone), but a few day old hair is the best way to control it in my personal opinion (especially with braided or pinned bangs).