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15 Ways to Wear White Jeans After Labor Day

Obviously, so many old “rules” of fashion are 100% dead. Honestly, you do you in the most stylish way possible. One of my favorite “rules” to break is the whole white after Labor Day myth. Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone, I thought it was only appropriate to show you all 15 ways that you can wear one of the capsule closet staples – the white skinny jean – in a fall style.

Honestly, there is no better way in my opinion to make an outfit filled with not expensive pieces look instantly 10x more so, than wearing monochromatic outfits. Neutrals just simply pair together better and come off as more sophisticated and timeless. Hence, why 90% of the capsule closet is white, cream, grey, nude, camel or black.

I also believe that white jeans can be worn by dang near everyone. There are certain fits and materials that will be more forgiving, so make sure to try on about 10 pairs (I order online, try on at home and compare and then return what doesn’t work). Pictures do not lie and this is where a truthful friend (or in my case, a very blunt husband) can come in handy.

About The Capsule Closet:

Long story short, after years of traveling and living out of suitcases during study abroad, out of state internship and such, I became an expert on creatively styling basics with a limited amount of pieces and never repeating a single outfit.

Like many, before I created a capsule closet, I had a wardrobe overflowing with clothes but had “nothing to wear.” This is where my Ultimate Capsule Closet Checklist comes in. After years of editing, styling and seeing trends come and go, these were the pieces that pulled their weight and never really went out of style.

Once I created The Ultimate Capsule Closet, I felt inspired, stylish and chic with much less effort. Looking stylish while traveling was much simpler and I got rid of 90% of my closet (and didn’t miss it at all).

Hope this all can inspire you this week. If you replicate one of the outfits, make sure to #CSScapsulecloset so I can see!

As always, thank you for reading.

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