Capsule Closet Series

10 Transitional Outfits

Whether you are transitioning to back-to-school, back to work or you are keep doing the same old grind, here are 10 outfits to inspire you this week. A mix of polished and casual pieces, good accessorizing and classic pieces will have you looking your best no matter what you do.

Outfit #1 strikes the perfect mix of stylish and professional to kill it at work. Outfit #6 is perfect for a weekend coffee-run or grocery shopping on one of the last summer like days you will have. Outfit #8 is great for a dinner out or a movie date.

About The Capsule Closet:

Long story short, after years of traveling and living out of suitcases during study abroad, out of state internship and such, I became an expert on creatively styling basics with a limited amount of pieces and never repeating a single outfit.

Like many, before I created a capsule closet, I had a wardrobe overflowing with clothes but had “nothing to wear.” This is where my Ultimate Capsule Closet Checklist comes in. After years of editing, styling and seeing trends come and go, these were the pieces that pulled their weight and never really went out of style.

Once I created The Ultimate Capsule Closet, I felt inspired, stylish and chic with much less effort. Looking stylish while traveling was much simpler and I got rid of 90% of my closet (and didn’t miss it at all).

Hope this all can inspire you this week. If you replicate one of the outfits, make sure to #CSScapsulecloset so I can see!

As always, thank you for reading.

Read The Ultimate Capsule Closet Checklist

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