• Wedding Dress 101

  • April 19, 2015
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    Your wedding day is arguably one of the most dreamt about days of your entire fabulous life. A dream man, a beautiful ring and a swoon-worthy dress unite on one single day. Speaking of the dress, that can honestly be the hardest part. Being fashion-minded and decisive enough to decide on one gown to match your dreams and expectations – with not breaking the bank – can be tough. There are seemingly endless silhouettes, necklines, variations of white and details – enough to make your engaged head spin.

    I teamed up with the bridal beauties Rita and Kayse, from Pure Bridal to help sort through the beaded, lacy and white chaos. Here is your all-inclusive guide to silhouettes, necklines, styles and accessories to flatter and fit your event with styles that won’t break the bank (all are under $2,000).

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  • 11 Old Navy Pieces (Under $27) that Look Expensive

  • April 18, 2015
  • c600x713

    1. Chambray Romper ($24) // 2. Chiffon Floral Dress ($18.75) // 3. Belted Soft Pants ($18.75) // 4. Boyfriend Denim Shorts ($18) // 5. Striped Trousers – in a ton of different prints ($12.73) // 6. Color Block Sandals ($14.96) // 7. Polka Dot Sleeveless Top ($14.25) // 8. Boyfriend Jeans ($27.71) // 9. Jersey Shift Dress ($18.71) //10. Tassel T-Strap Sandals ($15) // 11. Slip-On Shoes ($18.71)

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  • Spring Blues

  • April 17, 2015
  • IMG_0001_1 I’ve always been a sucker for a classic silhouette, but lately, I’ve been opting for a more relaxed take on these pieces. Easy and breezy chiffons and soft pants create comfort while taking on a sportier look. I like to play on patterns to add a bit of interest and amping up the color to infuse some summer spirit. White accents add a light and airy neutral into the equation.

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  • Bright + WIWW

  • April 15, 2015
  • IMG_9781 Even though warm weather has yet to fully show itself, I’m celebrating the season in myriad of colors. An unexpected combination of purple and orange hues create a saturated and rich fusion of playful colors. An easy blouse and collarless jacket with jeans is an easy way to look polished. This is my absolute go-to pairing for mid-week madness consisting of of meetings, classes and blogging.

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  • Braids + Lace

  • April 13, 2015
  • IMG_0357 Even for a pump-loving girl like myself, I have days where I just want to relax and feel comfortable. It seems like every spring, this craving takes over my closet. I opt for boyfriend jeans, sandals and flowing tops over trousers, heels and blouses. But the challenge with casual lies in the details. If you can stylize a slouchy silhouette with details such as studs, lace and dark wash denim for a chic alternative.

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  • What To Wear For Engagement Pictures

  • April 12, 2015
  • Slide1 With wedding season rapidly approaching, engagement photos are happing left and right. But there can be so much pressure to make each shot picture perfect, the question of what to wear can seem like a daunting one. There is two of you to take into consideration and you want it to feel true to your personalities and personal style. But fusing two styles and riding the fine line between cliche matchy-matchy and clashing tragically can be tricky, to say the least.

    I teamed up with my fiancé and Alexandria from Everlasting Love Photography to show four fool-proof ways to dress for your engagement photos that will photograph effortlessly, beautifully and stylishly.

    So read along along to find out how to be colorful and casual, laid-backed and lovely, dapper and dressed up or just monochrome matching with your man.

    1. Colorful and Causal

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  • White Out with Visions of Vogue

  • April 10, 2015
  • PicMonkey Collage Today I’m teaming up with my fellow fashionista, Jenna, from Visions of Vogue. Her sweet style with sassy commentary add up for one amazing blog to follow. She’s LA located with a Midwest sweet disposition that I can totally resonate with.

    We are both sharing our take on one of our favorite spring trends, head-to-toe neutrals. I opt for a light and airy white and beige combination in simple and classic silhouettes. But when you pair neutrals in a fresh and unexpected way, it can become trendy in an instant.

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  • W i d e + WIWW

  • April 8, 2015
  • IMG_0308 With a corporate 9 to 5 job rapidly approaching, I’ve started to see all outfit silhouettes, casual and formal, becoming a bit more polished. To me, an exaggerated wide-leg pant is the perfect way to make a tres chic statement, all while balancing out your body for a flattering look.

    I love the print on these pants because it makes an impact, so it instantly makes an outfit with simple pieces. It makes getting ready just as simple and it is stylish.

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  • 10 Pieces to Refresh Your Closet (<$115)

  • April 7, 2015
  • c600x705

    1. Chambray Shirtdress ($112) // 2. Spring Jacket (in blush and white, $63) // 3. Floral Romper ($59) // 4. Light Wash, Distressed Skinny Jeans ($66) // 5. Dainty & Stackable Rings (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – $27) // 6. WLD (White Little Dress) ($37) // 7. Live-in Sandals ($93) // 8. Cat Eye Sunnies ($82) // 9. Striped T-shirt Dress ($71) // 10. Fringe Bag ($59)

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  • Seeing Stripes

  • April 6, 2015
  • IMG_0131 I get my outfit inspirations from a seemingly endless amount of places. Typically I’m inspired by natures hues, a certain mix of textures or just amazing street style. Oddly enough, I typically don’t get too many ensemble ideas directly from the runway. The high-fashion looks always seem to incorporate one-of-a-kind pieces, impossible to find elsewhere or doesn’t have an ounce of reality to it.

    But that changed the second I came across this Altuzzara number (see picture below). It was simple to reassemble with a original striped twist that feels fresh. I just paired two striped pieces (of different directions) and cinched in the waist with my favorite metal belt. With a busy look like this one, keep the accessories minimal and sleek.

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