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Charleston, SC

Pulled Together Casual

For the longest time, I’ve been super loyal to dark wash jeans — almost religiously, even. Sure, I could play around with different washes a little more often, but who can blame me for loving dark wash?! Flattering: check. Polished: check. Versatile: check. But now I’m focusing more on my health and fitness (currently in Week 3 — aka Week 7 of BBG. Don’t worry, I will do a whole post on this soon!), and approximately 10,000 squats later, I’m finally in a place where I’ve put in the work and feel comfortable rocking a pair of light wash jeans.

Charleston, SC

Sporty Street Style

This is a rare look at my more casual and sporty side of my style spectrum. I totally get the appeal of athlesiure, because it is so easy and comfortable – but it just really isn’t my style. Truth be told, this look is probably as close as I will ever get.

But taking a style cue from the Europeans, a pair of crisp white sneakers, something easy (like a T-shirt dress underneath) and an oversized, menswear-inspired coat is perfect for almost spring weather.

In order to keep it airy, easy and effortless,

Anyone who knows me knows that I downright refuse to check bags. First off, it’s a time suck, there is a risk of loosing said luggage and it is very expensive. If you have a layover or two on different airlines – which is very common for us – that can amount to $300 in fees for a single bag. Hard pass.

Call me crazy, but I love the challenge of packing out of a tiny bag and never repeating outfits. However, this is becoming more of a challenge as we use “budget airlines”

Charleston, SC

Transitioning To Southern Living

I’ve learned a few things about the South since our hunt for land started nearly a year ago. Even though we’re not landowners quite yet (our earnest money is in and our official closing date is March 10th!), we thought it was important to spend an extended amount of time here before the deal is done. We were here for “Snowmageddon 2018,” and I realized FAST that the South does not deal with snow. Everything shuts down for about a week, the supermarket are wiped clean of all bread and water (I always wondered why that’s a thing… even in the snow,