Full Volume


Hello everyone and happy hump day!

Today’s pairing is something along the line of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Brenna during her lunch. The full volume trend has peaked my interest for quite sometime. The only thing holding me back was an issue regarding budget. The only styles I could seem to find were far above my price range. Needless to say I was borderline ecstatic when i encountered this Express numberContinue reading

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The Must-Have Jewelry Pieces For A Fashionista


As many of you may know, I am a hoarder – jewelry edition. But even though I have hundreds of pieces of jewels in my collection, there is twelve pieces I just could not seems to live without. These items are the ones that day after day, week after week and year after year that remains in my favorites category.

It is true, I do spend quite a bit on jewelry, guilty as accessorized. But I also am a budget-friendly fashionista, whose style mantra deeply rooted in the concept of price-per-wear. I believe in splurging in pieces you complete adore, and saving a bit on those pieces that are more temporary in your closet – or in this case, jewelry box. Continue reading

Nailed It


Just like a salted rim is the perfect complement to a margarita, the right nail polish is the perfect finishing element to any look. Dare I say it polishes it off – bad pun, I know. Ever since I was about ten, my nails always had to be painted, it was just one of my pet peeve’s if they weren’t. But I had a three color rotation that I was borderline religious to – a practical nude shade, a lusty red and a pretty pink hue. As you can imagine, being reluctant to try new colors quickly spiraled into monogamous boredom on my fingertips. Continue reading

Sparkle + Shine


 Happy Sunday everyone and I hope you are having a great weekend.

These shots are from last weekend, before the big Fashion Show at my university. Me (and hundreds of others) work for an entire semester to put on this show for a couple thousand people. My favorite part of the show? Since I couldn’t watch because I work behind the scenes during the show, I love indulging in dressing up.

Continue reading