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Miami, Florida

My Secret To Long Hair

Of all the questions I get asked about, over half of them are about my hair. I have a very long relationship with these locks, some of it hate, some of it love. I grew up in a time where short, straight hair was it. I had very thick, long hair that was wavy (with a fair side of frizz).

When I was 16, I learned to just embrace all of the body that my hair naturally had. That is why you hardly ever see it straight. I have been growing it out since high school (I am now 24).

Clearwater, Florida

Everly Holiday Collection + Giveaway

I know the holidays aren’t for another 6ish weeks or so, but it certainly feels like Christmas today because our Everly Holiday Collection launched. I always get so excited and nervous for these launches, because there is so much hype. I carefully design each piece for months, then we manufacture them, then we do quality testing and photo shoots and finally, you all have access to it.

So today, I’m giving you an insiders look at the collection, a code to get the best deal possible, styling ideas, plus a giveaway!

For starters,

Ames, Iowa

Statement Slides

This post is sponsored by Cole Haan and Zappos. All opinions are 100% my own.

Even though I’m a pretty neutral dresser in general, I can’t resist a bright red shoe or lip. This outfit just so happens to be both.

It’s simply so effortless. A nude blouse, your best fitting black jeans and these bright red slides from Cole Haan are so chic and statement-making and are perfect for just about any lifestyle. I have a weakness for slides (in case you haven’t noticed) because with all of our travels,

Beverly Hills, California

Styled Slip Dress

We have had the craziest few weeks. After we were in Seattle, we were supposed to drive down the West Coast and fly out of LAX to go to Athens. Well, our route was surrounded by forrest fires – so needless to say – our plans changed.

Instead, we head back to the Midwest to put in some time in the Everly offices and flew from Minneapolis to LAX to catch our flight to Athens. It saved us a substantial amount of money to have a 24 hour layover on each side of our trip,