• Seattle Grey + Wristology Giveaway

  • January 30, 2015
  • IMG_7945 IMG_7958 2On our recent trip my fiance and I took to Seattle, it was practically spring for the vast majority of our time there – it was lovely. But the last two days we experience the true “Seattle grey” that everyone talks about. It had me reaching for my cozy basics of a grey turtleneck, my go-to trench and leather leggings to edge up the look.

    Pulling in a bit more edge was my Wristology watch. The leather wrap style makes it so easy to “arm party” flawlessly and it’s been a favorite of mine lately. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Wristology to give you the chance to win a watch of your choice, or, use code ‘Brenna25′ for 25% off.

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  • Casual Uniform + WIWW

  • January 28, 2015
  • IMG_0040The boyfriend jean is one of the few items in my closet that are equally stylish and super cozy. Due to those two facts, these are instantly my go-to’s when I’m on the go or just having a cozy day.

    There are two sure-fire ways to make sure your boyfriend jeans are stylish rather than looking like you actually stole them from your man: make sure they are darker wash and low-riding or a lighter wash and a slightly tighter fit.

    I love to pair mine with a chunky knit, coordinating belt and a pop of pattern (either in a shoe or bag) for a perfect off-duty mix.

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  • Off The Grid

  • January 26, 2015
  • IMG_0545Is it just me or is it downright difficult to feel glamorous in the cold? In a sea of frigid fashionistas freezing or fellow folks resorting to Columbia’s and Ugg’s, I can’t help but think there has to be a happy medium.

    For me, that “middle” translates to great structured outerwear and cold weather accessories that make a statement. The backbone of any winter outfit is the coat. Make it chic and simple or a statement – it’s up to you. My recent favorite way to add a dose of old Hollywood glam is through a faux fur stole. I saw this piece and instantly fell in love with (and even got engaged in) it! Add a red lip and I can bear the cold while simultaneously loving what I’m wearing.

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  • It’s Officially Cold Checklist

  • January 25, 2015
  • c600x682

    We are all there. The winter blues are in full force, sunshine and beaches are nothing but a distant memory. The nature of winter is truly taking it’s toll in form of yawn-worthy and monogamous looks.

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  • Creme de la Lace

  • January 23, 2015
  • IMG_0044In the depths of winter, it can be a challenge to feel feminine and pretty. This is especially the case when events arise, like a friend’s birthday dinner. The desire to feel girly is conflicted by being downright cold.

    My solution is finding a dress that has a lot of details like this Swell number (that is on clearance + an extra 40% off making it less than half of the $90 price tag) and layering my all time favorite leather over top. The result is a edgy meets feminine vibe that I obviously adore. I upped the visual interest with a matching bag in a quilted texture.

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  • Stroke of Midnight + WIWW

  • January 21, 2015
  • IMG_0895Every season I seem to have a downright obsession with something. Wether that be a pattern, a shape, accessory whatever, a complete addiction seems to be inevitable. This winter and spring, the cape has been the catalyst of exactly that.

    I just can’t get enough of the freshly voluminous shape. I managed to get this one from Ann Taylor that was originally $148 for only $37.50. It is still available here for that same price!¬†

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  • Soft Edge

  • January 19, 2015
  • IMG_6112One of my favorite styling tricks (especially this time of year) is creating a “style sandwich” as I say to my clients. This is when you fuse two styles effortlessly to create a beautiful juxtaposition. In this case I’m pairing an “edgy” piece (the leather jogger pants) with two “pretty” pieces (blush sweater and pump). By having the shoes and sweater share the same feminine vibe and having the edgy piece visually sandwiched in between – it creates harmony in the look.

    I wore this for a day date downtown with my fiance. Going to explore new coffee shops, strolling the skywalks and taking some blog pictures naturally.

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  • Sassy Stash

  • January 18, 2015
  • IMG_0739_2

    If you have been following me for long enough, you will know I have an incurable case of wanderlust. I travel a lot but sometimes I worry about being safe and smart while doing so. I recently discovered the Sassy Stash, and not only is it practical, but it’s pretty in a Mr. and Mrs. Smith kind of way.

    It has a variety of uses, but my favorite that I’ve found, that I will most definitely use on my honeymoon (in southern Europe hopefully) will be to store valuables like keys, money and phones. How it works is their are little pockets that allow you to safely and secretly store items. Like at a formal event when pockets aren’t exactly part of my outfit, it works as perfect lipgloss storage.

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  • Coat Check

  • January 16, 2015
  • IMG_7285My personal style tends to lean more towards a feminine vibe, but in the depths of winter, I can never turn down a good check print. So when I say this warm wrap from SheInside, I couldn’t say no. Classic black, white and red never fails (except when you wear white jeans against snow and your legs disappear).

    This look was perfect for a winter walk with my fiance, talking about our upcoming move to Seattle. Oh, we can’t wait.

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  • Grey & Camel + WIWW

  • January 14, 2015
  • IMG_0609In the wintery months, I always tend to lean towards wearing plenty of neutrals. But this season, I’m trying to approach subdued colors with a fresh approach, pairing them unexpectedly to create a European chic vibe (with a Brenna twist of course).

    Today, I’m teaming up with the lovely Carrie Grace shop. She’s a positive person with a stylish mission and I personally love it. The ‘&’ necklace I’m wearing today is from her shop and is part of her ‘necklace of the month club.’

    Want to receive a necklace every month?! Join @carriegraceshop’s necklace club. You can use the code: “2015” for $30 off or sign up for $16 a month.

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