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Denver, Colorado

Metallic Touch

When we were in Colorado a few weeks back, I got to experience some cool mountain air (and therefore got to break into my fall clothes). I reached for my go-to leather leggings (I love these ones because they are great quality, a little thicker and not too shiny) and a layered sweater.

One of my favorite ways to style a sweater is with a sleeveless blouse underneath it. I either go with a longer, menswear-inspired option or a bow blouse to add a feminine touch. It adds another layer to create a more stylized look.

Ames, IA

Behind The Scenes of Everly + A Giveaway

I have been getting tons of requests to do an insider post on my ring company, Everly. It has really consumed my life (in the best way possible). One of our founding principles (as well as me personally) is transparency. I love being raw and real with you all. So today, I am sharing everything. The office space, how I manage my business while I travel full-time, the best parts and the most challenging ones. All a part of the crazy ride of being an entrepreneur. I have never put so much of myself into any project before and it is the most gratifying thing to see it grow before my very eyes.

Colorado Springs, CO

Casual in Colorado

Last week, we spent our week in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We were tempted to go to Aspen, but honestly, it was pretty far out of our intended route. When I searched Glenwood Springs, I honestly was so shocked at how beautiful it was (right in the mountains) and all of the amazing things there were to do.

We spent the week hiking, cleaning and reorganizing the RV and just relaxing. It was so nice to just step back from it all and relax. Don’t you worry, we have a travel guide coming soon.

Starting this week,

Denver, Colorado

1 Year Anniversary of Full-Time Travel + RVing

It is really hard to believe that it’s already been a year since we made the crazy decision to sell (nearly) everything, buy a RV and trade out our high-rise Seattle digs for a life on the road, traveling full time.

It probably sounds crazy to some of you – because it did to me too when I was first presented with the opportunity. Living in 250ish square feet and not having an address sounded absolutely insane.

But honestly, as much as I adore the city of Seattle, we were both so ready for a change this time last year.