• Sky High

  • July 3, 2015
  • IMG_0008 I’ve been a long time fan of anything high-waisted. I mean, accentuating your smallest part is never a bad idea. But light-wash and high-waisted, that’s another game. But when I spotted these, I thought I’d give them a try, only to feel surprisingly on-trend for a very vintage style.

    I decided to pair the light blue wash with black details to create a lot of contrast. Z really liked them, but I did get Grease references all day long from my jokester hubby-to-be.

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  • Weekly Flower Run + WIWW

  • July 1, 2015
  • IMG_0080 One of my favorite things about living in Seattle is the easy access to beautiful and inexpensive flowers, namely from Pike’s Place Market. The options are endless and this bouquet was only $5! I think it’s safe to say that I will never buy flowers anywhere else ever again.

    Because of this, Z and I make a weekly flower run as a little date we have with each other. It’s a nice eight block stroll and we always end up getting either a vegan cinnamon roll or an organic apple cider icee along the way.

    When we make this trip, I just want something easy, stylish and comfortable. Sandals and shift dresses seem to do just the trick. With there being a law against plastic bags here, I really needed a stylish and large bag that can be used for work, the beach or just hauling groceries. This Veeshee tote is the perfect option for all of the above and I got to choose the color, print and details so it feels very luxe.

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  • Flirty Floral

  • June 29, 2015
  • IMG_0012 Recently, Z took me on a “Seattle discovery” date to stroll about and find new parts of the city. We found great cafes, artistic parks and hikes the sands of Discovery Park. Wow, was it ever beautiful.

    For a summer date, I always seem to reach for my rompers. They are easy (because they are a single piece) and have a flirty tone to them, because they tend to show some leg. The vibrant colors in this one with coordinating bracelet stacks made it feel extra date-like, which (both Z) and I loved.

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  • How to Land Your Dream Job

  • June 28, 2015
  • c600x899

    With my first week at my own personal dream job under my belt, at Nordstrom Headquarters, I felt inspired to share with all of you how to land yours as well. I’ve received so many messages and emails asking how I did it, and this is exactly how.

    1. Know your dream. There is no chance to achieve it if you don’t know what your dream is. Find it, identify it and know exactly what you want.

    2. Put pen to paper. There is something magical that happens when your intentions, dreams and goals are written out. Ever read or watched, The Secret? If not, you need to (like yesterday). Everything I’ve ever achieved, I’ve affirmed it and written it long before it came true.

    3. Take action. Map out where you are and then where you want to be. Physically write out the steps you need to take, one at a time to bridge the gap. For example. I was a high school graduate, I knew I wanted to be a buyer for Nordstrom. I knew I needed an apparel merchandising degree and experiences to make me a more desirable candidate. I literally asked someone at Nordstrom what their “dream candidate” would have on their resume. I then created experiences and knowledge tailored to the organizations wants.

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  • Good Morning

  • June 27, 2015
  • IMG_0137 Ever since moving to Seattle earlier this month, I have been living in my pajamas around our apartment. This is pretty unusual for me, I typically even would wear my heels up until the very moment I would go to bed. I’m weird, I know.

    But there is something about pajamas that just feel like home to me, maybe that’s why I’ve gravitated towards wearing them more. I found this adorable sleep romper from PJ Salvage and love it. I wear rompers all the time, why not sleep in them too?

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  • Americana

  • June 26, 2015
  • IMG_0014 With fourth of July literally right around the calendar corner, I can’t help but let my patriotic spirit reflect in my clothes. I love repping a little bit of red, white and blue, but without wearing what looks like a flag turned dress.

    My interpretation of USA is simple: white jeans, a navy striped top with candy red lips and bag. Cognac sandals adds a bit of relief from the expecting, making things look a bit less cliche.

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  • Shut The Front Dior + WIWW

  • June 24, 2015
  • IMG_0007 I’m a long time lover of black and white graphic T-shirts, obviously that is no secret. I’ve just added this witty T+J Designs tee to the collection. Call me a nerd, but I love fashion puns. Since I can’t afford Dior at the moment, might as well make light of the situation.

    For my entry into corporate culture,  I get to focus on a trendy yet polished translation of work wear. his is actually the skirt I wore yesterday, for my first day at Nordstrom. A striped A-line is exactly that and is a stripe, so naturally I’m obsessed.

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  • ShopBop Extra 25% off Sale

  • June 23, 2015
  • Palm Print

  • June 22, 2015
  • IMG_0105 With “tropical” weather hitting the Pacific Northwest lately, a palm tree print seems only natural. A slicked back high pony with a braid is one of my favorite no-fuss, heat-free hairstyles for summer (and I’ll be sharing more of those soon). A bright blue bag adds a fun pop to an otherwise neutral outfit. This was the perfect relaxed pairing for a walk with my fiance around Lake Union on a summer night.

    These were from the days pre-big girl job. You can now expect to see more polished and trendy professional looks to come (I start my job at Nordstrom tomorrow – eek!).

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  • My Seattle Apartment Tour + A Giveaway

  • June 21, 2015
  • IMG_0283 After coming 2,500 miles, one month of being in limbo and and a 16″ moving truck later, we have are finally moved into our Seattle apartment. It feels so good to finally be home. We have been designing, collecting and DIYing for months in anticipation and it’s so gratifying to see it all come together.

    Unlike many bloggers you might follow, I’m a fresh-out of college and on a tight budget. Everything in our apartment was some kind of deal or we did it ourselves. I’m excited to reveal to you all exactly how we did it and hopefully it will inspire you as well.

    We mainly got pieces for our apartment from Craigslist, Vintage shops and Goodwill for the pieces that have a vintage flair. We also got pieces from Target, Hobby Lobby, IKEA, and Etsy shops (I’ll link everything at the bottom of this post, plus there is a GIVEAWAY with Kelsey M Designs).

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