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Nashville, TN

Christmas Spirit in Nashville

Collaboration supported by Anne Klein and Shopping Links.


As we get closer to the holidays, I am just craving outfits that feel just as comfortable as they look chic. Especially here in Nashville, where we ride the motorcycle everywhere, classic separates, good boots and fabulous accessories are a must! Because there in no room for dresses when you have to be on a motorcycle an hour or more a day.

But the one thing I always wear no matter what is a great timepiece. A statement watch oozes sophistication and an effortless sort of glamour that I just adore.

St. Louis, MO

Winter Skincare Favorites


It has been a while since I updated you all on my latest skincare routine and thought I’d finally catch you up to speed, especially since winter is here (at least back home!)

We change climates and travel constantly and as a result, my skin gets ashy, dry and irritated. I tried everything. But nothing would keep my skin from getting dry and treat my acne-prone skin. That was until I revisited OROGOLD, which I started using in the spring. I looked at reviews and added some new products into my routine and WOW –

Gowrie, IA

Winter Ready


Winter is H.E.R.E so we are headed to Nashville as we speak! So excited to start our great adventure. That means having a much more paired down closet and limiting is to 90% essentials and 10% over-the-top pieces that I can’t live without.

This outfit is directly reflects those proportions. 90% basic staples and 10% pieces that are 100% me. A camel knit sweater, a black hat, these $26 faux leather leggings and black boots – all essentials in my book. But this faux fur vest adds so much texture and personality and really brings the look to life.


When I first started my blog, nearly 5 years ago, I had practically no idea what I was doing. Along the way I bribed tech-savvy friends with coffee, Googled everything and tried to learn the best I could. One of the hardest things was getting my blog to look the way I wanted to and it really never did, until Vanessa, my site designer, revamped Chic Street Style and absolutely nailed it. I’ve worked with several site designers and coders (in the past I had to have two separate people) but Vanessa is a one stop shop!