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Charleston, South Carolina

A Little Bit Of Lace

After a lovely week in Charleston, we are off to Savannah, GA today! We absolutely adored Charleston and we had some very excited things happen during our visit (I’ll make sure to share the details as soon as I can). But shortly put, Charleston is a fusion of every single city we have ever visited and fell in love with.

We had very unusual and chilly weather while we were here, so I got to return to layers for one more week before we head further south. I scooped up this BCBG dress at a store closing while we were here.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Faux Leather Shorts

For any of you long time followers, you may remember when I lived in Italy for six months out of a single suitcase (and never repeated a single outfit). That time taught me so much about my style and curating a capsule closet and what my style staples truly are. One of my most-worn pieces that was a little unexpected was a pair of faux leather, high-waisted shorts.

My original pair I got from Zara while I was in Italy nearly four years ago. Recently, Sterling got a hold of them and sadly they are no more.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

All My Favorites

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again: I am SO ready to continue narrowing my closet and have my closet be 100% pieces that I am infatuated with and are extremely versatile. For me, the hardest time to do this is spring and summer. It is full of peasant tops and boho pieces that can’t be worn more than one way. That is where today’s pieces come in.

This denim parka is the perfect spring jacket under $80! I can style this so many ways and it is beyond comfortable.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Weekend Jeans

I am loving weekend mornings in the south. The sun, the sea breeze and a bit of a slower pace makes you step back and really soak these moments in. It’s an overall more laid-back feel (that admittedly, I am not used to) that I am starting to warm up to.

This overall change of lifestyle in the last two months being here has definitely affected my style. I went from wearing pumps and lots of blazers to comfortable (but chic) footwear and a lot of destroyed denim. So these borderline boyfriend style jeans that have a nostalgic feel to them that I really love.