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Key West, Florida

Summer Nights

Being in Key West for the month has really transported be to summer early. I just love the season. Not only is it my birthday soon (oh hey, 24) but there is a bit more spontaneity and freedom that really comes along with summer. It uplifts spirits and makes you be in the moment more, I swear.

But for a layering-lover like me, finding a way to keep things chic in hot weather can be tricky, which is exactly why I love this outfit formula so much. It is perfect for sunset sangrias with your love,

Key West, Florida

Wedding Guest

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It just hit me that it has been 9 months since Zach and I said “I do,” which means wedding season is right around the corner. I promise I will be sharing every detail of our wedding day soon, because I know it is far overdue. In the meantime, I’m sharing some fresh wedding guest style inspiration.

You all know the moment. You get the wedding invite in the mail, you say how nice it is that they are getting married – and then the sheer panic of what to wear kicks in.

Key West, Florida

Glam-V 2.0 Outdoor Space Reveal

I am very excited to share the first peek of our Glam-V 2.0 today! As many of you may already know, Zach and I swapped out our Downtown Seattle digs for an RV an wanderlust last July. It seemed like a crazy decision. Sell everything we didn’t absolutely need, and move into an RV and travel full-time. I work online and for myself, so I can work from anywhere – especially since we have our own MiFi router. We took a few months to get married and do a renovation (on our first Glam-V) and left for our first adventure in November and have since had the absolute time of our lives.

Key West, Florida

Sporty Summer Style

For traveling and being on the go, I sometimes feel my sporty side come out a bit more. Easy tanks and tees, fuss-free pieces and a touch of edgy styling never really let me down. When the humidity finally decided to calm down, I took advantage of it with my new favorite $29 faux leather shorts.

Any of you who have been following me since my Italy days know that this is an absolute wardrobe staple for me. After years of wear, they finally gave up on me (not bad for 30 Euro Zara shorts) and I had a really hard time finding a replacement.