Blank Slate


Hello all and happy Sunday (or Easter if you celebrate it).

Today’s look is a laid back pairing with polished accents that seems to strike the perfect cord. In my book, I feel like platforms are the perfect pairing to boyfriend jeans and gives them that extra put-together touch. Continue reading

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Nailed It


Just like a salted rim is the perfect complement to a margarita, the right nail polish is the perfect finishing element to any look. Dare I say it polishes it off – bad pun, I know. Ever since I was about ten, my nails always had to be painted, it was just one of my pet peeve’s if they weren’t. But I had a three color rotation that I was borderline religious to – a practical nude shade, a lusty red and a pretty pink hue. As you can imagine, being reluctant to try new colors quickly spiraled into monogamous boredom on my fingertips. Continue reading

Sparkle + Shine


 Happy Sunday everyone and I hope you are having a great weekend.

These shots are from last weekend, before the big Fashion Show at my university. Me (and hundreds of others) work for an entire semester to put on this show for a couple thousand people. My favorite part of the show? Since I couldn’t watch because I work behind the scenes during the show, I love indulging in dressing up.

Continue reading

Shoes + SJP

Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 12.08.12 PM

From her role on Sex and the City to her coveted street style, Sarah Jessica Parker has always been a fashion icon for many. Her bold aesthetic mixed with courageous couplings have gained her international fame for her one-of-a-kind looks. In our book, SJP stands for not only this fashionista’s initials, but also rather, ‘super jealous person’ (read: style envy). Continue reading

Topped With A Trench


Hello everyone and happy hump day!

Today is such a timeless and classic pairing, a combination of styles that I’ve been practically craving lately. Most of the time, spring sparks a adventurous and uber trendy facet of my fashion, but this year, it’s the exact opposite. Neutral colors, classic shapes and bold lipstick is the route I’ve been taking. Maybe it’s a sign of maturity? Who knows. Continue reading