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Charleston, SC

Spring Hair Care Tips

It was starting to seem like it would never happen, but spring is finally here. As we get some sweet sunshine back and temps begin to rise again, it’s important to remember our hair care routines need to change along with the seasons. As the weather warms up, it’s a good idea to shift your focus to hydrating your hair, especially if you’re in a drier climate.

Personally, I always struggle with my long and naturally wavy hair lacking moisture, sleekness and shine. My absolute favorite tool to combat this is the Hair Food Moisture Collection: it’s super gentle,

Charleston, SC

The Perfect Pair + ShopBop Sale

During the stages of my life when I was living out a suitcase (staying abroad in Italy, interning at Nordstrom HQ in Seattle), I developed a pretty perfect “uniform” for myself. This simple combo always looks good, and can be completely retooled for an entirely different look with just a few small tweaks. Here is the formula:


That’s it. It doesn’t get much easier than this to achieve sleek, stylish minimalism.

This look works best with a blazer that’s more of a boyfriend fit (Zara’s are always my fave),

Charleston, SC

Modern Work Staple

Sponsored by Zappos.

Since the very beginning moments of my career, I’ve always been in favor of modern and fashionable pieces for the workplace. This is important, specifically for versatility.

Long gone are the days – in most workplaces – where black slacks and white button downs are the norm. I loved working in Nordstrom Headquarters, where they embraced a “fashion forward professional” dress code. In essence, you needed to look stylish and appropriate (in terms of skin showing). Now that I work for myself, mainly remotely and travel a lot,

Charleston, SC

Pulled Together Casual

For the longest time, I’ve been super loyal to dark wash jeans — almost religiously, even. Sure, I could play around with different washes a little more often, but who can blame me for loving dark wash?! Flattering: check. Polished: check. Versatile: check. But now I’m focusing more on my health and fitness (currently in Week 3 — aka Week 7 of BBG. Don’t worry, I will do a whole post on this soon!), and approximately 10,000 squats later, I’m finally in a place where I’ve put in the work and feel comfortable rocking a pair of light wash jeans.