Rewind Time


There has always been something about past decades, particularly in clothing form, that has always inspired me. Back when the peplum shape started to reemerge, I was drawn instantly to the vintage-like and full-out feminine silhouette.

So the question surfaced in my mind, “how can I translate this into a work setting?” My solution: a pencil skirt and peplum combo, belted at the waist to exaggerate the volume of the peplum. I added a touch of leather to bring this look up to date for a modern, working woman. Just top with a crisp, white blazer and you have a dynamic and retro style for your 9 to 5. Continue reading

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Lemon Twist


There is something about a midi skirt that lends itself to a 1950s feel. A sliver of midriff showcased by a tied blouse only adds to that effect. It’s truly the details that can translate a vintage silhouette into a modern-day ensemble. Fusing bright colors in an unexpected pairing adds an element that feels new. Lemon and pink hues are a refreshing touch that exemplifies summer, much like lemonade, the drink that inspired this look. Continue reading

Chic Cravings: Campus-Friendly Kicks


 1. Louise et Cie ‘Menton’ Leather Sandal // 2. CL Chinese Laundry ‘Janella’ Sandal // 3. Chinese Laundry ‘Kalifornia’ Sandal // 4. Vince Camuto ‘Halia’ D’Orsay Flats // 5. Sole Society ‘Susie’ Studded Strappy Flats // 6. Kate Spade ‘Gabe’ Flat (50% off) // 7. MICHAEL Michael Kors Slip On’s //  8. Jeffrey Campbell ‘Jonas’ Bootie // 9. Seychelles Leather Bootie Continue reading

Aqua Stripes


In my opinion, there a a few key elements that truly exude summer style to be. Beachy waves, stand-out hues, layered gold jewelry and shorter (than maybe ok) shorts all come to mind.

Fuse all of these details, textures and colors into one outfit and you have my summer uniform if you will. When I’m off duty, my style doesn’t switch off en suite. It simply transforms to a sassier, more personality-filled identity with different silhouettes than I would choose for an office.

I can easily swap out printed trousers for striped shorts and be ready for happy hour with ease. Professional to Post Alley in a single item swap. Continue reading

J.Crew Jealousy


I’m officially back to my Midwest roots and ready to tackle my last year of school. This summer all seems like one surreal blur to me know, especially looking at these photographs that were taken of my 9 to 5 style.

When I dress professionally, I always have a tendency to lean more on the preppy end of the spectrum. The crisp lines, classic silhouettes and androgynous details always drew me in – but not without my own twist.

I practically worship the J.Crew take on preppy. Those timeless styles with a dose (or two) of something unexpected thrown in for good measure. For me, statement necklaces usually do the trick.

But what happened when I layered two of my favorite hunks of metal against one another? A form of J.Crew jealousy may have ensued… Continue reading



I pull inspiration from a variety of sources: nature, architecture and even food – it’s all fair game.

But lately I’ve added another category to pull ideas and concepts from: liqueur labels. Maybe it’s the fact that I just turned 21, but color combinations in packaging has really been grabbing my attention as of late. Think about it this way, labels and logos are specifically designed to catch your attention and stand out among other products. Naturally, the same idea can be applied to fashion to have that same effect.

Crisp white, a bold citron and a touch of Barbie pink unite to create a trifecta of the ultimate summer palate. I just so happened to pull this color idea from a Lime-A-Rita bottle (but I’m pretty sure there was no leopard involved). Continue reading

My Top 10 Traveling Essentials


1. Stella & Dot Scarf // 2. Ray Ban Sunnies // 3. Chic Passport Holder // 4. Michael Kors Watch // 5. London Fog Trench Coat // 6. Cute Earbuds // 7. Cheeky Luggage Tag // 8. EOS Lip Balm // 9. Kitschy Sleep Mask // 10. MAC Mini Fix Spray

Being that I am currently 30,000 feet above ground at the moment, headed home to Minneapolis, I thought this post was very appropriate. Continue reading